Guided group practice and Tea/Caliigraphy session

Dear All,

I would like to welcome you to Taoist Light Wellness for tone-up and deepening your practice. Guided group Qi/energy field multiples the power and effectiveness.

September 21, (Thursday) 10-11:30 AM $30
Taoist Light Wellness

This group practice will be held on the first and third Thursdays of every month.

On October 6, Friday 10-12 PM. $60 We will hold a Tea ceremony/calligraphy/group Qi Healing Session and serve Moon cakes to celebrate Moon festival.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning,


A Fast-Track Practice

Taoist Light Qigong carries a sincere tradition and long lineage. It is the fast track Qigong practice empowering students to receive transmission and to connect with the highest energy source of Tao (the way) and one's own inner Being.

All the different levels and stages of Taoist Light Qigong are very easy to learn, follow, and practice, the challenging part is to learn and memorize some Chinese sounds because the original, native sounds carry certain vibrations. People are often amazed at how fast and effective the Level I is, because the correct practice and transmission from a certified Taoist Light instructor will save students years of practice on their own. Stage II training is for people who would like to become servers for others, such as therapists and healers, to regain the energy which might be drained while helping others; and mostly, after stage II transmission, students will naturally and immediately become Taoist Light Qigong healers and will carry the ability to heal.

For Qigong, it is better not to practice than practice incorrectly, since it may cause more problems than benefits. When a student tries to practice Qigong on their own or learn from a book or the internet, if there is a mistake, it is like missing an exit on the freeway, it will take a while to realize that and turn back. Worst, it is like the electricity wired wrongly in the house, which can cause explosion or fire.

In conclusion, having chosen a Qigong practice carefully from a well-trained and experienced instructor with a long lineage that has been proved to be working, one's Qigong practice can become such an enjoyable and marvelous experience.

Fengshui workshop on 8/12, Saturday 1-4pm

This is a reminder that we are going to have a Fengshui workshop tomorrow to cover the following topics:

1. Identify a good Fengshui house;

2. Identify main wealth corner and sub wealth corners;

3. How to make amend to Fengshui problems;

4. How and when to do a Fengshui cleansing;

5. Learn to use five elements to choose colors and shapes inside a house.


Look forward to seeing you!


Next tea-healng time on August 4th

We had our very first open healing time on July 7th, 2017.  People gathered for Chinese tea-ceremony, calligraphy lesson and group energy healing. It was well received and people felt happy and motivated to move the thick and thin ink brushes, then feel recharged and focused afterwards. 

It will be a regular event! On the First Friday of each month 10-12Noon. August 4th, 10-12Noon $60

Learn how to meditatively brew Oolong wellness tea to perfection, try to use the brushes, take home with you the scripts and brush, and receive the Qi energy healing from the Tao.

New comers are welcome.

 Giving your mind and body a restful time to find inner-peace and joy.

Giving your mind and body a restful time to find inner-peace and joy.

Fengshui (1)

It is often said, "A blessed person will choose a blessed house." "It does not matter whether one's house is luxurious or not; what does matter is having a good Fengshui house and loving family."

Where you end up staying is not a coincidence,  the house actually reflects the owner's mind-set, taste, and energy vibration level.

When I see a house so black and rundown, I know the owner is depressed and ill. When I see a house that cannot hold energy, I know the owner is suffering financial loss. When I see the floor is uneven, I know the owner is having more and constant ups and downs in life. When I see a terribly messy backyard, I know the kids of owner are having hard time thinking clearly. When I see the kitchen is open and bigger than the bedroom, I know the wife is more powerful than husband. When I see a house with plumbing in constant need of repair, I know the owner of the house has reproductive and intestine problems.

Because our mind decides where to stay, that place will reflect our mental state as well as our health condition.

Fengshui has thousands of years of history, to my knowledge one of the most famous Fengshui masters actually taught Fengshui classes at Stanford University in the 1970s. A conscious interior designer, landscaper, architect,  contractor in Asia would study and have Fengshui knowledge/sense who will be more likely to be hired.

As an owner of home and business, Fengshui knowledge becomes very important, since you spend most of time in these two places. So surely it will affect your well-being and health.

A husband of a Fengshui client did not believe in Fengshui at all in the past, but after his wife invited us to have their home Fengshui done, and he saw all the great changes to their lives in the areas of health, finance, children, and relationships; he said: "I wish we knew this before, and we had done Fengshui 30 years ago." Because he actually changed in appearance, others commented on how healthy and youthful he looked, and he got the very first promotion after working in the same place for 20 years; they also got a settlement equal to 10 years of their hard work in savings; and their children found a new job and bought a new house. All this came about after we made the simple suggestion of moving their backyard fountain from the right to the left area...

Fenghui is invisible energy surrounding you in your house: Imagine if the electricity is shut off, how dark in the night could it be? At least electricity can help you see with light-bulbs, but energy in the house is invisible for most people. But when the changes after Fengshui work are done correctly, you will surely feel and see the great things to come. Because you are about to have a nurturing, healthy, and free-flowing home.

Taoist Light Qigong Q&A

Here are some recent email questions ... it might bring clarity for others too.

Q.  A coworker recommended me to ingest a particular plant (xxxxxx) to calm down my anger and my feelings of guilt .. and I was wondering if you could tell me if it was a good idea or not, or if you could give me some general advice

A. Rather than looking for healing from outside,  it is better to go inside and look at/cleanse all the old trauma from the past in your life that is stored in your body. This work cannot be done quickly with plants or pills. The plant you mentioned will possible give you some temporary relief and numbness, but will only prolong your healing/recovery process, and possibly redirect you somewhere else, somewhere you may not intent to go. It will also conflict/compete with your own Qigong practice, so the power of your practice and inner strength might fade away.

Recommendation: Besides Taoist Light Qigong, work on guilt with this repentance:

Click here for repentance practice

Q. Is it okay to have calming music playing in the background while practicing Taoist Light Qigong?

A. It is unnecessary, since your body might still follow the music rather than its own intelligence :).

Recommendation: Practice in quiet surroundings or in nature with creek water sounds.

Q. How can I remove abundance energy blockages?

A. Removing blockages means letting it go. A very effective way to enhance abundance energy is to study Fengshui and apply that knowledge to house. Abundance is basically a karmic reward; adjusting Fengshui and changing our mindset about money are like working hard for your bank account.

Recommendation: Participate in the Taoist Light Wellness Fengshui workshop on August, 12. 2017 1-4pm.

Or have the house Fengshuied to clear out the blockages (which usually reflect the mindset ) and identify/enhance the wealth corner.








Taoist Light Qigong is a Way of Life

Clients often ask me how can I keep my practice. I answered: because of others. Because people have come to see me constantly for their health needs, this has kept me practicing on my own so that I can be there for others. Last Thursday, I had my annual medical exam with my doctor. He asked me if I take any medicines? I said: Nope. He said for every test result to come out normal and healthy at your age is not that common; usually everyone has a little bit something wrong. I smiled, but grateful. I definitely do not take it for granted, since I spend at least one hour everyday practicing Taoist Light Qigong on my own. I know if one does not take care of oneself, the result can become selfish, because others will have to take care of the one who is ill. My parents are the same way, so they have been diligent with their practice of Taoist Light Qigong. The result is at 80 years old, they can still carry a 25-pound bag of rice from market and to climb to the third floor of their home in China.

Worth it or not worth it, I guess it is up to the individual.

To have a enjoyable one hour a day for our own healing time, I think it is worth it. It helps my day go smoothly and helps my body to build up a stronger energetic core.

When a practice is so light, easy, and effective, I don't feel it is work but rather a way of life.



Taoist Light Wellness open to public hours

Dear All,

We hope we can serve more to our community.

 on July 7, 2017,  Friday from 10-12noon, we are going to provide and healing time, and we welcome anyone to come and enjoy Chinese tea ceremony, calligraphy and group healing.

For the best of health and well-being,

Taoist Light Wellness