*New beginning Taoist Light Qigong workshop will be arranged on a Saturday 10-4pm, please send inquiry now to chiyan@sbqigong.com

* Tea-ceremony/Calligraphy class January 5 (Saturday), 2019: 2-3:30 pm $30

Learn how to perform a Chinese Tea-ceremony and taste the best available Pu-Erh and Oolong wellness teas. This skillful and meditative art will help to create a peaceful setting and deep stillness in mind. Calligraphy will help you to express your artistic energy and build up concentration.

*Taoist Light Qigong level II- I-Ching Qigong 1/12/2019 (Saturday), 10-4pm

Please click here for more info.

  • Taoism Study group a commitment to study the complete Taoist teachings of Lao Tsu’ Tao Te Ching and Zhuang Zi’s chapters. Meet on every other Wednesday 10-12 Noon to create light, wisdom and harmony in mind and life. It is time to register.

*Group practice and group Qi healing (for people who have taken Taoist Light Qigong level I)

Every Thursday of each month 10-11:30 am, Taoist Light Qigong group practice: $30

* China Culture tour and sacred journey (please click for itinerary)

June 10-24, 2019 and June 10-24, 2021. Going to China with Chiyan and  stay in ancient cities and sacred mountains as well as participate Qigong retreat. Email chiyan@sbqigong.com for more info.

* Original Point Healing Workshop

TBD, Saturday, 10-12 Noon $60

Study with hands-on practice on effective physical body healing using the theory of Sun Si-miao (the King of Chinese medicine),  locate the trigger points in the back and heal the whole body. One can do on self, couples/partners are encouraged too for healing and nurturing for each other.
Anyone is welcom

For more information, please call  (805) 699-6688 or E-mail chiyan@sbqigong.com


Fengshui Workshop (for Prosperity, Health, and Harmony): $80

1. Identify a good Fengshui house;

2. Identify main wealth corner and sub-wealth corners;

3. How to amend Fengshui problems;

4. How and when to do a Fengshui cleansing.

5. Learn to use the Five Elements to choose colors and shapes inside a house.

TBD usually on Saturday 1-4pm Welcome new comers!

Please email (chiyan@sbqigong.com) or text (805-699-6688) to sign-up


* Taoist Light Qigong Healer and instructor certified training program (pre-registration required)

1. Training I group

Meet on every other Wednesday of each month 12:30-2:30 pm $120/per session

* Taoist Light Fengshui consultant training

How to create the balanced and harmonious flow between human and our living space? How to bring peace and prosperity to your life? Your environmental energy can effect your health, relationship and harmony. Learn comprehensive and powerful Fengshui principles and intuitive Fenshui to bring in positive, clean and healthy energy and keep the flow for your house and become a Taoist Fengshui consultant Learn how to effectively improve Fengshui  for residential and commercial buildings so to improve relationships, health and harmony.

* Taoist Light Healer Training program


Very effective!  will be able to stop pain for others possibly in one minute, Understand how the energy works, read Qi, feel Qi and diagnose Qi blockages, including basic Fengshui and health, Jing-Qi-Shen (body essence, vital energy, and higher consciousness) concepts etc. Students will be able to perform external Qi healing on self and family members.


* Fengshui Works!- An awareness and practice for prosperity

A comprehensive and practical teaching on Sunday afternoon 1-4pm  $80

In this workshop, you will learn:
1. How to identify a good Fengshui house for residential or commercial purposes.
2. What are important factors to fix the energy in a house which has Fengshui problems.
3. How to help the energy flow in the spaces for living room, bedroom, office, etc.
4. What you need to know for avoiding negative Fengshui.                                                                    5. How to enhance your prosperity in house and office.

Please Email or call (805)699-6688 to register.