How does a new comer start?

  1. Usually a new client starts with three private external Qi healing sessions to remove the blockages and make a shift for the condition.

  2. Participate in either group or private Level I Taoist Light Qigong workshop to obtain the self-healing practice.

  3. Participate in group practice and group healing on Thursdays and Saturdays.

  4. Study medical Qigong and Eye-healing Qigong.

  5. Study Level II - I-Ching Qigong when ready.

  6. Upon obtaining transcendental ability, study Stage II to become a Taoist Light Qigong healer to help others.

  7. For sincere cultivators, join the Taoism study group and learn Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu’s Inner Chapters.

  8. For those who have a mission to help others, participate in the healer training group.

  9. Fengshui enthusiasts can participate in the Fengshui Consultant training.

  10. For people who want to be calm and peaceful through mind training, participate in Calligraphy and Tea ceremony training.

  11. For people who want to have fun and participate in a spiritual journey, join with Chiyan on a trip to China: A two-week trip every June to visit Lao Tzu Temples and sacred mountains.

Chiyan will be leaving from June 8-July 8, 2019. But our wonderful instructors can still hold classes and assist you.

ill health conditions and emotions/thoughts

When an illness come, especially a severe one, it feels like mountains are falling, very overwhelmed. Most likely, people might treat illness as enemies and get into battles which can drain more energy instead of reserve energy for inner healing, actually can lead to ultimate recovery.

Illness is a signal telling us what needs to be changed and transformed. As Taoist cultivators, we encourage people to learn from an ill condition: seeing what was knotted and then know how to untie it. Traditional Chinese medicine has already addressed seven emotions and six desires that could affect the health of the body. So here is a table between health conditions and emotions/thoughts:

Headache: One cannot follow one's own mind, and cannot have one's own thoughts, being led by others.

Dizziness: Having trouble finding the direction of life. Trembling hands: Over-controlling, being unable to let go. Be calm, let others do their job, and focus on your own life. There is no need to request others to do exactly the way you want it to be.

Throat/ tonsil/ thyroid: Being unable to express the true voice, true thoughts, and dissatisfaction.

Heart disease: Lost happiness in life, especially at work.

Deafness: Being stubborn, not willing to listen to other people's ideas.

Spinal curvature: Thinking and spiritual belief deviating from the right path.

Kidney/lumbar disc herniation: Fear of money. The subconscious mind is worried that the money is not enough or the money earned will be lost.

Left knee: It is time to slow down and stop.

Right knee: It is time to move forward.

Swelling: Constantly keeping a backlog of negative emotions, not knowing how to release. (Need to learn a conscious, healthy, and effective way for self-dissolving negative emotions such as through the Taoist Light Formless Qigong practice.)

Sinus: Inner tears need to be released

Diabetes: Too much bitterness and suffering in life requires a little more sweet feeling, finding a balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Spleen: The relationship with parents is off, especially the mother's relationship is compromised, or lost motherhood since childhood, lack of maternal care, nourishment, and love.

Liver: Anger and rage, either overwhelming or suppressed. Finding a balance point, express your emotions calmly and with respect, and set a positive and healthy boundary.

Neck: Not flexible enough and the mind is stiff in thinking.

Obesity: A protective layer of negative emotional wounds.

The causes to an ill health condition/ can be very complex and this is only for reference. Letting go, change, and transformation are getting on the road of full recovery.

Update from Taoist Light Wellness


We are going to hold group practice and group Qi healing on 3/23 Saturday, 4-5:30pm at Taoist Light Wellness. The group healing session has been amazing, because the more participants, the stronger Qi field can be created. After each session, everyone is glowing! It is only $30 for 90 min session. I hope people who have received the Taoist Light Qigong level I training can join in.

I am leaving for China to visit my parents from 3/31-4/1, it is always good to give them back love and care. While I am away, the group practice and healing session will be held by Rhonda Richey, she has received Taoist Light Qigong instructor training and has been practicing constantly and diligently. She will do a great job in leading these practices as well as holding the space for group healing afterwards.

Next Week gathering schedule will be as following: 3/28 Thursday 10-11:30am, 3/30 Saturday 4-5:30pm.

P.S. I would like to share something marvelous if you are interested in permaculture...

I grew up on loess plateau (loose yellow soil piled up places), the dust was everywhere when wind blew. I wonder why now it is so clean when I go back to Xi’an visiting my parents! While Chinese has created a transformation from this used to be nothing could grow deserted huge area into green paradise with permaculture restoration. The physical and economic transformation of the Loess Plateau offers the clearest demonstration of what can be achieved through close partnership with the government, good policies, technical support and active consultation and participation of the people.

John D. Liu (Chinese American, Eco hero) witnessed the amazing change and now sets up earth restoration camps all over the world, it gives hope to restore our mother earth.

Please contact me via E-mail, I will check it while I am in China.

TEA/Calligraphy and Group Practice are on Feb. 2nd 2019

Welcome anyone who is interested in art or meditative concentration to Taoist Light Wellness Center for tea-ceremony and Caliigraphy training. we use the highest quality of aged Pu- Erh in small orange peel for supporting spleen and lung Qi (contains mild caffeine). Other non-caffeinated tea is also available.

We will also learn how to use soft brush and ink on rice paper to write our Chinese names based on the pronunciation of your English name.

This session is happening on the first Saturday of each month 2-3:30pm, $30. Please call or text to sign-up.


Group practice can help people keep on the practice track and practice correctly and successfully. After each group practice session, we gather and sit in silence and call for group Qi healing (Zu Chang).

Group practice and healing is held on every Thursday 10-11:30am and Saturday 4-5:30pm, $30/per session only for people who have received the Taoist Light Qigong level I training.

Look forward to seeing you.


The best protective Qi

There is a term in Chinese Qigong practice called Wei Qi, means protective energy. It originates from spleen and stomach, nourishes the internal organs and skin, and covers all around our body. Some people have the transcendental ability to see this part of energy which is invisible for most others. Just because it is invisible, it does not mean it does not exist. It is like electricity or virus, it can be detected or seen through devices. Wei Qi is the shield to protect our body from any abnormal attack, and protect cells, body fluid. so as to improve phagocyte and humoral immunity. When the skin is soft, smooth and shining, this usually indicates that Wei Qi is in good shape.

Why is Wei Qi so important? Because without this, one can become vulnerable and prone to illness. When Wei Qi is in its strongest state , one is happy, content, and at ease; on the contrary, when Wei Qi is weakened, one is under stress, fatigue, and depression.

The best protective energy can be generated by daily Qigong practice Once the mind and body in harmony, the Wei Qi grows to its strongest, then one can be reach to a state called 五毒不侵, which means poisons cannot get through your body.