TEA/Calligraphy and Group Practice are on Feb. 2nd 2019

Welcome anyone who is interested in art or meditative concentration to Taoist Light Wellness Center for tea-ceremony and Caliigraphy training. we use the highest quality of aged Pu- Erh in small orange peel for supporting spleen and lung Qi (contains mild caffeine). Other non-caffeinated tea is also available.

We will also learn how to use soft brush and ink on rice paper to write our Chinese names based on the pronunciation of your English name.

This session is happening on the first Saturday of each month 2-3:30pm, $30. Please call or text to sign-up.


Group practice can help people keep on the practice track and practice correctly and successfully. After each group practice session, we gather and sit in silence and call for group Qi healing (Zu Chang).

Group practice and healing is held on every Thursday 10-11:30am and Saturday 4-5:30pm, $30/per session only for people who have received the Taoist Light Qigong level I training.

Look forward to seeing you.


The best protective Qi

There is a term in Chinese Qigong practice called Wei Qi, means protective energy. It originates from spleen and stomach, nourishes the internal organs and skin, and covers all around our body. Some people have the transcendental ability to see this part of energy which is invisible for most others. Just because it is invisible, it does not mean it does not exist. It is like electricity or virus, it can be detected or seen through devices. Wei Qi is the shield to protect our body from any abnormal attack, and protect cells, body fluid. so as to improve phagocyte and humoral immunity. When the skin is soft, smooth and shining, this usually indicates that Wei Qi is in good shape.

Why is Wei Qi so important? Because without this, one can become vulnerable and prone to illness. When Wei Qi is in its strongest state , one is happy, content, and at ease; on the contrary, when Wei Qi is weakened, one is under stress, fatigue, and depression.

The best protective energy can be generated by daily Qigong practice Once the mind and body in harmony, the Wei Qi grows to its strongest, then one can be reach to a state called 五毒不侵, which means poisons cannot get through your body.

I-Ching Qigong one day retreat is coming up

Greetings from Taoist Light Wellness!

I wish everyone a great year of 2019 filed with love, light, good health and happiness!

I would like to welcome you to I-Ching (also known as King-wen) Qigong one-day retreat. To set a new life direction, to reach a higher level in self-cultivation, and to create harmonious relationships in the earthly world, the I-Ching (Classic of Change) has been showing the way for the next step for more than three thousands of years.

January 12, Saturday 10-4pm. One day intensive training includes guide book, and lunch.

Date: January 12, 2019, Saturday, 10-4pm
Location: Taoist Light Wellness 
411 E. Canon Perdido St. Suite 16
Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

Purpose: Regain the healing power for the body and inner-peace of mind, connect to the ancient wisdom of I-Ching

Dress: Casual and comfortable

Lunch: Taoist Light Wellness will provide lunch for you or you can choose to bring your own lunch.

• 10-10:30am Opening tea ceremony
• 10:30-11am  introduction of I-Ching Qigong
• 11-12 Noon Guided Taoist Light Qigong Level I practice

• 12:15pm Lunch
• 1:00-1:45pm Collecting Qi, brain training, walking Meditation
• 2:00-3:30pm Guided Taoist Light Level I plus level II I-Ching Qigong
• 3:30-4:00pm Group Qi field Healing and closing circle

Look forward to a great day with you!


I-Ching Qigong

We are going to hold Taoist Light Qigong Level II — I-Ching Qigong training/retreat on Saturday, January 12, 2019, from 10-4pm.

If you are in transition and are looking forward to more positive changes and a better turn in your healing journey or other aspects of your life, this workshop will be for you; This one-day retreat will help you to:

• walk into enlightenment 

• make changes for better life 

• have the courage to move forward

• live in the moment

• move towards the divine

This workshop is only open for participants who have taken Taoist Light Qigong Level I training.

Taoist Light Qigong Level I training for physical, emotional and mental healing will be available upon request. Please Email Chiyan@sbqigong.com

Thanksgving and gratitude

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend… it was amazing that Taoist Light Qigong enthusiastic practitioners still gathered for group practice and afterwards for group healing session on day after Thanksgiving. Everyone appreciated the connections with Tao and life force, the opportunity we created for ourselves to heal and grow; and in this clean, safe and powerful healing space, everything becomes possible.

Taoist Light Wellness has been in Santa Barbara for 25 years, and helped (still helping) thousands people from all over the world to heal and recover. The incredible and open-minded local people of Santa Barbara have been supporting Taoist Light Wellness by word of mouth referrals for which we give unceasing thanks…

Healing arts center.jpg

Taoist Light Wellness Healing Arts Center will remain open for private Qigong Healing or private Qigong training sessions on Thanksgiving week, except the Thursday guided group practice will be moved to Friday 11/25, 10-11:30am.

Have a great Holiday! It is the time to count our blessings in life, regardless all the traumatic incidents in our deeply loved California.

Love, peace and light,

Taoist Light Team

Taoist Light Qigong for Self-Healing

Self-healing has many aspects, for example: physical pain and aches, emotional anxiety and depression, mental disturbances and distractions, a spiritual sense of lost and aimlessness.

Self-Healing needs a correct and effective tool, many of us choose Taoist Light Qigong self-healing practice after many years of searching and trying different modalities. Energetic healing is very powerful way to heal untreatable, incurable, impossible, and unexplainable conditions.

Start sooner and take charge of your own health and the direction where it goes. It does take time and commitment to do it, but it brings a quick balance and healing results everyday.

Making a commitment on one Saturday to obtain a great, authentic practice for self-healing; our ancestors have already proved it’s value, and one can save thousands in treatment bills and in trying to avoid pain and suffering in future.

We wish all great health, peace, and happiness in life. May all have a happy long life.