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If you would like to have an authentic, efficient, yet simple practice to improve health condition or a correct, authentic path to spiritual practice, please register for our next Taoist Light Qigong training.

  • Taoist Light Level I-one day training is coming up on Saturday. Please send inquiry to chiyan@sbqigong.com

  • Online private training via Zoom or at the Taoist Light Wellness center, any time at your convenience. Taoist Light Qigong Level I, 3-Hour private intensive training: Receive the transmission and essential teaching of the whole set of Level I—total 5 sections.

  • Calming Tea-ceremony and Calligraphy—Training for attention and inner-peace, First Saturday of each month, 2-3:30pm, $60.

Private healing sessions:

  • $230/90min

  • $160/60min

    Private intensive training For Taoist Light Qigong

  • $480/ 3 hour intensive training

Most Popular

  • $320/ 120 min (60 min private Healing session & 60 min. private teaching)

  • $2300/a week of intensive healing and teaching (3 hour a day for five days)

Group workshops and training:

  • Taoist Light Qigong Level I Taoist Light Qigong one-day retreat, Saturday 10-4pm The way to health, peace and light $380 ($230 returning students) including lunch and training book.

  • Taoist Light Qigong Level II Kingwen Qigong (King Wen is the original author of the I-Ching) : The Way to have a harmonious relationships with others and smooth sailing life $380 ($230 for returning students)

  • Enhanced Group practice/healing session (90 minutes): A correct practice to make it perfect every Thursday morning 10-11:30am, group external Qi healing is a powerful form of support. $60.

  • Taoist Light Qigong Stage II- Obtain transcendental abilities to help to heal others . $380

  • Taoist Light Qigong Stage III- ultimate Qigong practice only for advanced Taoist Light Qigong practitioners. The way to attain Tao $380

  • Fengshui Workshop: An awareness and practice in harmony with our space, 3 hour $180

  • Group Eye-healing Workshop (3 hours): $180

  • Medical Qigong Workshop (3 hours): five minutes a day, keep illness away. $180 (Highly recommended)

  • Taoist Light Qigong Instructor/Healer Training Workshop/ (3 hours per class for 100 hours in total): A career with calling to teach and serve. $540/month, two sessions a month, 33 classes in total.

  • Taoist Light professional Fengshui consultant training: Becoming a Fengshui Pro! $540/month, two sessions a month, 33 classes in total. Trainees are also required to practice Taoist Light Qigong to build up sensitivity and accurate readings of Qi field in a space.

Fengshui consultation for health, wealth, and harmony:

  • Residential Fengshui consultation on site $600/per visit (2 hours)

  • Business Fengshui consultation on site $800/per visit (2 hours)

  • Out of states on-site consultation $3000/per visit

  • (Please prepare your construction floor plan prior to the Fengshui consultation session.)


Welcome to our healing Sanctuary

Welcome to our healing Sanctuary

 We offer the service based on the following guidelines:

We are dedicated to helping people who resonate with Taoist Light and are respectful to this lineage from Lou Guan Taoist Temple where Lao Tzu achieved the enlightenment state and passed on his teachings. Our classes are not the same as multiple, on-going exercise-like Qigong classes. Our concentrated and intensive workshop changes people's health condition and life quality quickly and effectively. We work best with people who enjoy practicing Taoist Light Qigong regularly to improve health and are dedicated to self-cultivation.

Private Healing:

Most people can experience the difference in one session. It will accelerate health improvement and spiritual growth for students and clients.

During the healing session, the practitioner will use essential Qi from years of cultivation to heal people. This level of Qigong state attained through years of cultivation and clean transmission make the session powerful.