The following files are password-protected and are only accessible to people who have taken the Taoist Light Qigong Classes and training. If you are a Taoist Light Qigong student, please email Taoist Light Team (TLT)  at to acquire user-name and password.

For safety reason, these key words can not be used unless you have been under the training and received transmission by a certified Taoist Light Qigong instructor.  

Audio recording:

1.) Level 1 Taoist Light Qigong:

2.) Taoist Light Medical Qigong:

3.) Taoist Light Eye Healing:

4.) I-Ching Qigong:

5.) Stage II Taoist Light Qigong:

***************************************************************************************CLASS MATERIALS

Shurangama Mantra practice

The Shurangama Mantra is the king of all mantras. It is a complete guide to enlightenment: It helps to cut through illusions and aggravation, and to remove all obstacles on the path. It shines with unbelievable power and protection.

  1. Shurangama introduction
  2. Shurangama 5 part text
  3. Shurangama 5 part audio

Wisdom practice

      1. Heart Sutra