A Fast-Track Practice

Taoist Light Qigong carries a sincere tradition and long lineage. It is the fast track Qigong practice empowering students to receive transmission and to connect with the highest energy source of Tao (the way) and one's own inner Being.

All the different levels and stages of Taoist Light Qigong are very easy to learn, follow, and practice, the challenging part is to learn and memorize some Chinese sounds because the original, native sounds carry certain vibrations. People are often amazed at how fast and effective the Level I is, because the correct practice and transmission from a certified Taoist Light instructor will save students years of practice on their own. Stage II training is for people who would like to become servers for others, such as therapists and healers, to regain the energy which might be drained while helping others; and mostly, after stage II transmission, students will naturally and immediately become Taoist Light Qigong healers and will carry the ability to heal.

For Qigong, it is better not to practice than practice incorrectly, since it may cause more problems than benefits. When a student tries to practice Qigong on their own or learn from a book or the internet, if there is a mistake, it is like missing an exit on the freeway, it will take a while to realize that and turn back. Worst, it is like the electricity wired wrongly in the house, which can cause explosion or fire.

In conclusion, having chosen a Qigong practice carefully from a well-trained and experienced instructor with a long lineage that has been proved to be working, one's Qigong practice can become such an enjoyable and marvelous experience.