Taoist Light Qigong is a Way of Life

Clients often ask me how can I keep my practice. I answered: because of others. Because people have come to see me constantly for their health needs, this has kept me practicing on my own so that I can be there for others. Last Thursday, I had my annual medical exam with my doctor. He asked me if I take any medicines? I said: Nope. He said for every test result to come out normal and healthy at your age is not that common; usually everyone has a little bit something wrong. I smiled, but grateful. I definitely do not take it for granted, since I spend at least one hour everyday practicing Taoist Light Qigong on my own. I know if one does not take care of oneself, the result can become selfish, because others will have to take care of the one who is ill. My parents are the same way, so they have been diligent with their practice of Taoist Light Qigong. The result is at 80 years old, they can still carry a 25-pound bag of rice from market and to climb to the third floor of their home in China.

Worth it or not worth it, I guess it is up to the individual.

To have a enjoyable one hour a day for our own healing time, I think it is worth it. It helps my day go smoothly and helps my body to build up a stronger energetic core.

When a practice is so light, easy, and effective, I don't feel it is work but rather a way of life.