Taoist Light Qigong Q&A

Here are some recent email questions ... it might bring clarity for others too.

Q.  A coworker recommended me to ingest a particular plant (xxxxxx) to calm down my anger and my feelings of guilt .. and I was wondering if you could tell me if it was a good idea or not, or if you could give me some general advice

A. Rather than looking for healing from outside,  it is better to go inside and look at/cleanse all the old trauma from the past in your life that is stored in your body. This work cannot be done quickly with plants or pills. The plant you mentioned will possible give you some temporary relief and numbness, but will only prolong your healing/recovery process, and possibly redirect you somewhere else, somewhere you may not intent to go. It will also conflict/compete with your own Qigong practice, so the power of your practice and inner strength might fade away.

Recommendation: Besides Taoist Light Qigong, work on guilt with this repentance:

Click here for repentance practice

Q. Is it okay to have calming music playing in the background while practicing Taoist Light Qigong?

A. It is unnecessary, since your body might still follow the music rather than its own intelligence :).

Recommendation: Practice in quiet surroundings or in nature with creek water sounds.

Q. How can I remove abundance energy blockages?

A. Removing blockages means letting it go. A very effective way to enhance abundance energy is to study Fengshui and apply that knowledge to house. Abundance is basically a karmic reward; adjusting Fengshui and changing our mindset about money are like working hard for your bank account.

Recommendation: Participate in the Taoist Light Wellness Fengshui workshop on August, 12. 2017 1-4pm.

Or have the house Fengshuied to clear out the blockages (which usually reflect the mindset ) and identify/enhance the wealth corner.