Fengshui (1)

It is often said, "A blessed person will choose a blessed house." "It does not matter whether one's house is luxurious or not; what does matter is having a good Fengshui house and loving family."

Where you end up staying is not a coincidence,  the house actually reflects the owner's mind-set, taste, and energy vibration level.

When I see a house so black and rundown, I know the owner is depressed and ill. When I see a house that cannot hold energy, I know the owner is suffering financial loss. When I see the floor is uneven, I know the owner is having more and constant ups and downs in life. When I see a terribly messy backyard, I know the kids of owner are having hard time thinking clearly. When I see the kitchen is open and bigger than the bedroom, I know the wife is more powerful than husband. When I see a house with plumbing in constant need of repair, I know the owner of the house has reproductive and intestine problems.

Because our mind decides where to stay, that place will reflect our mental state as well as our health condition.

Fengshui has thousands of years of history, to my knowledge one of the most famous Fengshui masters actually taught Fengshui classes at Stanford University in the 1970s. A conscious interior designer, landscaper, architect,  contractor in Asia would study and have Fengshui knowledge/sense who will be more likely to be hired.

As an owner of home and business, Fengshui knowledge becomes very important, since you spend most of time in these two places. So surely it will affect your well-being and health.

A husband of a Fengshui client did not believe in Fengshui at all in the past, but after his wife invited us to have their home Fengshui done, and he saw all the great changes to their lives in the areas of health, finance, children, and relationships; he said: "I wish we knew this before, and we had done Fengshui 30 years ago." Because he actually changed in appearance, others commented on how healthy and youthful he looked, and he got the very first promotion after working in the same place for 20 years; they also got a settlement equal to 10 years of their hard work in savings; and their children found a new job and bought a new house. All this came about after we made the simple suggestion of moving their backyard fountain from the right to the left area...

Fenghui is invisible energy surrounding you in your house: Imagine if the electricity is shut off, how dark in the night could it be? At least electricity can help you see with light-bulbs, but energy in the house is invisible for most people. But when the changes after Fengshui work are done correctly, you will surely feel and see the great things to come. Because you are about to have a nurturing, healthy, and free-flowing home.