The best protective Qi

There is a term in Chinese Qigong practice called Wei Qi, means protective energy. It originates from spleen and stomach, nourishes the internal organs and skin, and covers all around our body. Some people have the transcendental ability to see this part of energy which is invisible for most others. Just because it is invisible, it does not mean it does not exist. It is like electricity or virus, it can be detected or seen through devices. Wei Qi is the shield to protect our body from any abnormal attack, and protect cells, body fluid. so as to improve phagocyte and humoral immunity. When the skin is soft, smooth and shining, this usually indicates that Wei Qi is in good shape.

Why is Wei Qi so important? Because without this, one can become vulnerable and prone to illness. When Wei Qi is in its strongest state , one is happy, content, and at ease; on the contrary, when Wei Qi is weakened, one is under stress, fatigue, and depression.

The best protective energy can be generated by daily Qigong practice Once the mind and body in harmony, the Wei Qi grows to its strongest, then one can be reach to a state called 五毒不侵, which means poisons cannot get through your body.