TEA/Calligraphy and Group Practice are on Feb. 2nd 2019

Welcome anyone who is interested in art or meditative concentration to Taoist Light Wellness Center for tea-ceremony and Caliigraphy training. we use the highest quality of aged Pu- Erh in small orange peel for supporting spleen and lung Qi (contains mild caffeine). Other non-caffeinated tea is also available.

We will also learn how to use soft brush and ink on rice paper to write our Chinese names based on the pronunciation of your English name.

This session is happening on the first Saturday of each month 2-3:30pm, $30. Please call or text to sign-up.


Group practice can help people keep on the practice track and practice correctly and successfully. After each group practice session, we gather and sit in silence and call for group Qi healing (Zu Chang).

Group practice and healing is held on every Thursday 10-11:30am and Saturday 4-5:30pm, $30/per session only for people who have received the Taoist Light Qigong level I training.

Look forward to seeing you.