My Connection to Qigong (2)

How Qigong Entered my Life 

After mom and I went back home from her Qigong class, I watched how easy it was for her to climb the stairs, and she could eat lots of food she could not in the past because of her severe food allergies. Though I felt better after morning Qigong practice with her, I was still a little bit unsure until I saw with a big surprise that my older brother had shut a bedroom door and started to practice Qigong quietly. Later, I asked him why did he practice? It was very much my brother's style. He explained it felt good and he heard Qigong would help young people to develop their potential. My brother was famous for his naughtiness/cleverness as a child, and as a kid he could not remain still for three minutes, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see that he had apparently found a new mission and practiced diligently. After I witnessed the obvious health benefits for my family, I joined the Qigong practice with them and the used-to-be sick house, became a healthy Qi house.

The winter break was over, and I went back to school. I had already built up a Qigong practice as part of my morning routine and tasted the benefits of a good sense of well-being and increased energy. Unfortunately, I could not find any private space to practice either in the dorm or on campus. For teens on campus, there were many popular things such as pop music and Karaoke--Qigong was definitely not one of them. I realized that at that time, mom was indeed a pioneer in the Qigong field. Qigong was not very popular then as it became later.

When I returned home during Summer break, I experienced more surprises.

Firstly, our home had been completely remodeled with a new Maroon carpet and a beautiful hanging crystal light.  At that time, China was just starting to open up to free trade, because mom was connected to many hospitals, and the dental department (in China, dental service is provided by medical hospitals) was in need of high quality dental drills. Mom was taking an English class every night, and had imported those expensive and high quality little dental drills from Western countries. Suddenly energy was flowing in all aspects. We were not hungry anymore. Besides that I could really see how a person's potential can be, mom was an engineer in an airplane company owned by the government, and then she turned herself into a successful international entrepreneur.

Those hot nights in China were very memorable for me. Because I had a couple of itchy spots, it was even harder for me to fall asleep. Mom saw me tossing and turning restlessly, and asked me to sit straight and offered to help me solve the problem. Frankly, I was laughing inwardly for I thought she was kidding. But because of the unbearable itch, I was willing to try anything. Before I told her where the spots were, she quickly pointed out to me exactly where the itchy spots were on my body, and not long after I nodded my head to confirm her accuracy, the itch had completely stopped. I was super impressed, and totally believed in the healing power of Qi.

Another important weekend night came as both mom and dad were about to go out, I had no clue what they were doing. They both seemed very busy with night classes and Qigong teaching, along with practice for themselves. They were holding a super big watermelon, for at that time watermelon was one of the most popular presents to give friends when visiting their homes. It is funny when looking back: But both of my parents were each riding a bicycle, so no one could hold the large and round watermelon by themselves. Finally, they asked me if I could sit in the back of the bike and hold the watermelon. I asked them where we were going, and they said to meet a Qigong master from whom my mom had learned how to do healing for others. I got interested and so decided to go with them, since at that time, the main transportation in China was by bicycle, there were no cars or taxis.

I was about to meet and connect with the Qigong Master who would influence my whole life in the most positive way....