My connection to Qigong (3)

When a Student is Ready, the Master will Appear

When mom, dad, and myself entered Master Zhou Shitai's home, it was packed with people. He was sitting at the back of the room, while to his left and right side were about two dozens of visitors. He definitely had the presence of a strong and solid master, sitting there so straight, and I could tell he was very tall. His eyes were very powerful but gentle. When mom introduced me to him, he smiled: "This daughter of yours is indeed very good as you have described; she is very self-disciplined and her energy is so very pure." Then he asked me to sit at the opposite end of the room, farther away from him but facing him directly. He said: "When you sit down, you just need to close your eyes and listen to the message I am going to tell you."

I sat about 20 feet away from him, and just after I closed my eyes, I heard him telling me loudly: "...., ..., ...." But the sound of his voice was so crystal clear, it felt like he was talking to me right next to my right ear. 

"What did you hear?" He asked me.

"I heard these three words: ".... ...., ...." I answered with confidence.

"Yes!" He smiled, and turned to my mom: " This daughter of yours I am going to train personally." Mom was appreciative. Both mom and dad have always described me as a precious pearl in their palms, and they could only put me in the hand of someone they absolutely trusted.

The master said: "The precious daughter, can you come to me?"

I walked towards him until I stood right in front of him. The master used his big warm hands to touch my crown and forehead, and repeated the the same word three time. I just heard from far away. I certainly felt the flow of warm and at the same time cooling / calming energy flow from my head and my third eye. Then he explained to me: "Most people's third eye will close around the age of thirteen, because we forget to use this ability, but yours will stay open." He shared with my mom that I was ready to study Taoist Light Qigong.

When we walked out his house, mom and dad asked me that when I sat farther away from Master Zhou, they did not hear anything of what he was telling me, so how did I hear it. At that time, I was shocked too, because the voice was so loud for me and I thought he shouted it out and everyone in the room should have heard the same thing as I did. I guess that was part of the ability we all once had but gradually lose, since most people don't have time to cultivate our body's potential. It is called: Yee Nien Chuan Dee, which means the messages can be passed on through thoughts. Master only thought those three words silently and I received like someone was really talking to me.

I never forget the night sitting behind my dad on his bicycle: It was a full moonlit night, but the light of everything was highlighted and brightened, even the edge of the trees had a glow of shimmering light. That was the first time I consciously saw the energy in the environment and surroundings. Most importantly, my mind was extremely calm and peaceful. I felt like I could tune in the same vibrational energy of the universe.

(The Qi itself actually is not mysterious at all, only our experience with Qi can be mystical.-- Chiyan)