My connection to Qigong (1)

How Qigong Entered my Life 

Is it a destiny? I am not sure, but it has surely been a blessing.

I had a normal childhood in China like everyone in my age group; experienced hunger, lack of nutrition, and sickness; that was during Cultural Revolution. When I was thirteen, I decided to go to a boarding school. 

I can always remember the change in my home after I returned during the first school break. Before I left home, there were all kinds of medicine bottles and packages, and herbs in paper bags all over the counter top; the whole house always smelled like a drug store, herbs were cooking on the stove top constantly. But when I entered home that time, I did not see any meds or herbs. The first thought I had was: "Oh, my parents must have put them away in drawers, so the house would look nicer and organized." So I opened all the drawers to look for the medicines, but absolutely could not find any. The house did not smell like a herbal store anymore, but was filled with fresh and clean air. When my parents came home from work, I could not believe how well they looked, so healthy, energetic and happy.

"What's going on?" " Where the meds you guys were taking?" All the neighbors and friends knew our whole family had a reputation for sickness and weak physical constitution. They even said that there were four people in our household, there were four sick buns (not sure what does that mean). My mom only weighed 88 ibs at her  5"6'' height. Her friend joked that she could be easily blown away by wind. She was constantly in and out hospital for surgery and other severe health problems. Imagine how surprising I was to see how they changed into  different people. "We don't need meds or herbs anymore. We are practicing Qigong!" My parents explained. I had no clue what Qigong was, and my role as the most healthiest one in my family was tumbling. My parents further explained: "You need to do it too; see we don't even get colds anymore, so you are the sicker one now."  Indeed I was bringing a cold home from school.

Next morning, when I peeked in window to see what they were doing after raising so early in the cold weather, I was more than embarrassed (people who have taken Taoist Light Qigong class would understand what I mean). My mom was moving all over the place in different positions, while my dad simply stood there doing nothing.

Mother told me she was going to teach a Qigong class, I decided to go with her. My, there was a huge open field and a large crowd waiting ... men and women, young and old. I just could not believe that my used to be sick mom was so healthy and even taught others to be healthy again. 

When I observed how she stood there in front of all the people guiding the Qigong movements, she indeed had empowered herself and many others.

(Please note, Chiyan's parents stopped medicine and herbs because after the short term of Qigong practice, they simply did not need any more at that time. If your body still needs meds and herbs, please follow the advise of your physician.)