Taoist Light External Qi Healing

Isn't it wonderful if you can develop some skills to help a friend/family when needed? Such as when a friend is in pain, we can help them to ease it; and when a family is in trouble, we can do something on our part so we won't be just worried.

I started to become an external Qigong healer when I was living in a dorm with many other girls. At that time I was often woken up by others in the middle of the night to help with this or that girl's abdominal pain. At that time all the girls were entering adolescence, so what I helped with the most were PMS, toothache, headaches, sport injuries, and so on. When I was ready to leave China for the U.S, I went to my professor's house to say good-bye. He told me that his wife who was also my teacher had such a painful knee that she could not walk out to greet me, so I offered to go into her bedroom and thanked them both for being so open-minded. After a few minutes of Qi healing, she told me with smile that she felt warm Qi flowing like spring water through her knee area and that she had no pain anymore. (Later after I left China, she became a student of my mother).

Some of my friends still talked about that one day when we were all at a friend's wedding, but the bridegroom did not show up for a long time, and all the guests were waiting anxiously. One of the friends came out asking me for help. I went to the back room and saw that the bridegroom was on the floor because his leg was in spasm and he could not get up. His face was so very pale from the pain. I performed external Qi healing, and he could walk out with me and eventually complete his important day with ease.

There are many other stories that if I did not witness with my own eyes, I might be skeptical too. Such as when my mom moved her hands up and down, a blind man who was standing in front her suddenly had tears in his eyes and said: "I can see, I can see what is hanging on the wall." It was moving for me to see the new spark of hope in his eyes.

Qigong is definitely not magic, but it works for real. Internal Qi means to cultivate for ourselves and within us, while external Qi is to share and give, helping others to heal. These stories are only meant to let you know that External Qi Healing is an ordinary ability not an extra-ordinary one, and many people can do it. It is like a person can use his mouth holding a brush to do calligraphy, the skill was developed by training. With correct practice and right guidance, you can do external Qi healing too, especially if you have an open mind and the willingness to learn and a heart to help others.

After all, Qi is a natural force: everyone has it; if we don't have it, we won't be living in this world. Qi healing is natural, either to heal ourselves or others.