My Connection to Qigong (6)

When I started to practice Taoist Light Qigong as a teenager, I found things quickly went very smoothly and effortlessly, and many people had similar experiences. They shared with me how easy things became and how everything they wanted to accomplish could be easily manifested.

There were some other changes I had noticed after I practiced Taoist LIght Qigong:

1.)  Self-Healing: I was in pretty good health before I started practicing Taoist Light Qigong, except that I had chronic stomach pain. I saw a Doctor who worked for the school, and he said that I had gastritis and needed to be on meds. But in those days the medicine had much more severe side effects, so I decided to heal myself with Qigong. I actually felt nausea at the time when I practiced, but when I was done, I felt better.Thus I knew it was just a cleansing process. I kept practicing and forgot I even had gastritis until I realized I had no pain at all for a long time. Then when we had the annual physical check-up, everything was back to normal, and it has been fine ever since. 

2.) Change of interests: Before I practiced Qigong, I was sluggish and did not like any P.E. classes or sports. Afterwards, I suddenly really enjoyed P.E. classes, and joined many sports like volleyball, soccer, and running. Middle school and high school then became the best time of my life.

3.) Study and memory: Qigong helps people to think better and clearer, while improving memory. My score was getting better and better during those middle and high school years, and I knew that I studied much less time than others did. Actually before I had an iPhone, I memorized everyone's phone numbers. Once I was required to give out personal numbers, I did not need to check, and could tell all the numbers right away. After I graduated from high school, I was accepted by a great university as I wished for.

4.) Read other's energy: One day I was at school and I noticed a classmate who sat in a back corner had energy that was very muddy and cloudy, then it became very dark and heavy. Finally, I walked over and talked to her and she confessed that she had taken a bunch of sleeping pills and she was ready to leave earth. Immediately, I found a tall male classmate to help: We got a two-wheel wooden cart (after talking to adults we could found), put her flat on it, and towed her to the nearest, local hospital. Her eyes were rolling up and she could not talk anymore. The doctor cleaned out her stomach through the night and got her back to life. They said that if we had been a little late, she would have gone to another world. She regretted for what she did to herself and she  is doing really well now.

I have also seen the changes for my dad after he practiced Taoist Light Qigong.

One day, my dad came to my school to visit me and stayed in at a relative's home. After he left, my very athletic uncle was really impressed. He shared with me that he, his wife, and my dad went hiking when I was in school, and it was so easy and effortless for my dad to get up to the top of the mountain. He said, "We all knew your dad had a very bad leg; Qigong is really helping him!" Our family knew my dad's history about how he had fallen from upper floor at the age of thirteen and broke a bunch of his teeth, one of his leg, and his nose, as well as damaged his brain. He lost his sense of smell and had to ask others to give him their seat on the bus because of his leg problems. His injured leg could not develop after the severe injury, so it stayed very thin and weak in the muscles.  One could easily see the difference from the two legs. Dad could not stand for more than 15 minutes before he practiced Taoist Light Qigong. But later after practicing for a period of time, he showed me his two legs, I was so surprised that I could not tell which one was the previous thinner and weaker one, they both looked the same. From then on he has given his seat on the bus to others who looked much older than him but actually younger in age. He also told me he could really smell things: either bad or good... I guess Qigong cannot change the bad smell to good smell for now.