Healer/Instructor training started class 1

The very first certified Taoist Light Qigong Instructor/Healer training program was launched on Nov. 1, 2014.

Topics covered include: How to read Qi/Energy with physical eyes and the Third Eye; What one should be mindful of when teaching Taoist Light Qigong to others; And how to make our living space more supportive and harmonious.

When we set a purpose of life and ethics for work by serving others, we will not only practice Taoist Light Qigong diligently to go inward and discover our goldmine for building up our own Qi and sharing with others who need it, we will also practice modestly by becoming "coal," "spring water," and a "carryall".... To become coal is to set ourselves alight and bring warmth to others; to become spring water is to cool others down when they feel anxious; to become a carryall is to embrace all people who come with an equanimity that is free of judgement.

Two things we also need to be aware of are: Have a grip on anger which is like a hole in the bottom of the carryall which can make Qi/energy leak away. Also, watch for arrogance which will make one seemingly feel like the carryall is full when it actually is not. Such arrogance will make one stop learning and growing.

Taoist Light Wellness will be a tree that provides shade for the participants and people who find connection with it by giving unceasing and on-going support. We will continue to nourish this tree to be healthy and strong, and let more people benefit from Taoist Light, the source of light energy.


11/1/2014 Class 1 Content:

1. Healing:  How to use the physical eyes and open the third eye to see/read the energy/Qi for accurate diagnosis?

2. Instrutor training: What do we need to be aware of when teach Taoist Light Qigong?

3. Support: Fensghui principles - Is your living space supportive to you, your health, your work, and your overall energy flow?