Important factors about practice Qigong

Qigong practice is for self-healing and self-realization, so most importantly one needs to be honest to self. It is like having lunch, if we skip our lunch, we will feel it ourselves, though others might not be able to see that. The more we practice it, the more we will gain from it. We shall not let other things outside of ourselves become a hinderance to our own progress in building up Qi especially when join group class or practice.

There was a participant at taoist Light Qigong workshop long time ago who was practicing so well and made a lot progress quickly. She suddenly disappeared and lost contact with me, and only months later did she call me very excitedly to say that she had found a magical Qigong style which did not require students to spend any time on practice. I knew I could not get her on the right track, since she was already in it, so I wished her well and good luck. A Qigong without practice which means Qigong without "gong" (gong means practice), so it cannot be called Qigong. It must be something else....  Soon after that, she called me again saying that she fainted at the magical Qigong event and ended up in the hospital emergency room, and still felt sick ever since. I am sorry to hear these stories, though some people are drawn to quickies rather than an honest, real deal which often requires more work.

Recently, I also received a phone call from a person who everyone knows as someone who lies and cheats. Surprisingly, he asked me if I could train him to become a Qigong master so he can make a living with it. I had no words. I know some people might think a master just needs to have a quick technique without a good character because they have not worked on themselves to become a wholesome being. The "master" is not just being passed on esoteric/practical teachings by other masters, but has also cultivated themselves to become a at least honest and responsible person.

For Qigong, there is no magic, no tricks, and no bargains. It is all about a correct practice that fits the individual's body and follows the natural and universal laws; students then just practice and practice. We say it takes ten years to sharpen a perfect sword. How long will it take you to become the master of Qi? Only you and time can tell.

Taoist Light Qigong is already the simplest, yet one of the most profound and efficient Qigong styles. If the keys (initiation words) have been handed to you, it is up to you now to open up the ultimate potentiality and infinite possibilities. 

It is easy to see that some current diligent, humble and respectful Taoist Light Qigong students will become Masters soon, because the master's qualities are already in them. In another words, they are masters in life, then just become the Masters of Qigong.