Chinese Astrological Forecast for the Year of Monkey (2016)

After the past three years (snake, horse, and sheep) with much chaos and shifts, the monkey king is coming to smooth out the difficulties and bring much blessings. So overall, the year of monkey will be a wonderful, happy year!

How each the different signs will fare this year:

The Rat: This year is a fun and playful year; there is enough savings to enjoy. The Rat's word for this year is “harmony.”

The Ox: This year is a “turning around” year for the Ox. There will be many opportunities at work, while receiving good rewards and good results in relationships. The Ox's word for this year is “commit.”

The Tiger: This year is a big shift for the Tiger, with the dissolving of many old problems and the bringing of satisfaction from hard work. The Tiger's word for this year is “bravery.”

The Rabbit: This is a year of steady growth for work, but big progress in relationships. The Rabbit's word for this year is “safety.”

The Dragon: The Dragon has good timing, good location, and good relationships: This year will be a big growth year, which is about effort and giving, but all will be worthwhile. The single Dragon might have only short term intimate relationships. The word for the Dragon is “soaring.”

The Snake: This year is fun for the Snake, for they will get into beatification and enjoy more social life, with steady income and slow progress at work. But be careful about attractions from the opposite sex. The word for the Snake this year is “behave:)”

The Horse: This year for the Horse is to “let it be” without high expectations, a time to try something new. The word of this year for the Horse is “enjoy.”

The Sheep: This is an excellent year for the sheep after all the hard work last year, for great progress will be made at work and with relationships. The word of this year for the sheep is “miracle.”

The Monkey: Moving into the year of monkey, the Monkey will find it a tiring year with much responsibilities, so the monkey can choose to travel and learn new things. There will be many big changes for monkey, so the Monkey's word for this year is “retreat.”

The Rooster: Hold onto what you have and learn to be more patient, for the Rooster can have unexpected income. The Rooster's word for this year is “peace.”

The Dog: This year will mean more of a reliance on oneself rather than on others. The Dog will be more suitable at something low-key as one keeps studying new knowledge. The word is “await.”

The Pig: This year will be a smooth one for the Pig. With lots of support, the Pig can have big plans and realize great achievements. The word for the Pig this year is “steadfast.”

Wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous year!