Father's Answers to “Tough” Questions

Master Weiye Wang (father) at 82 and Chiyan Wang (daughter) just finished leading an advanced workshop on June 27, 2015

Master Weiye Wang (father) at 82 and Chiyan Wang (daughter) just finished leading an advanced workshop on June 27, 2015

There is a saying in China, an old wise man at home is a treasure. While father stays here, we have a conversation which brings clarity and is relevant to Taoist Light Qigong practice.

1.) Question: Recently an individual came to the Taoist Light Qigong class unexpectedly and stated that she had studied and mixed different kinds of Qigong style, and indicated that she had reached a high level, but was not willing to pay anything for the Taoist Light Qigong class. What should we do in this situation?

Father: Suggest to this individual to keep on with the previous practice especially as she had indicated she reached a high level (usually a real master would be humble about this). It is not wise to switch Qigong styles around. If one mixes other Qigong styles with Taoist Light Qigong, it may cause more harm than good. I have worked with tens of thousands of clients and also seen all kinds of trouble students have caused for themselves by mixing Taoist Light Qigong with other styles.

(Note: Taoist Light Qigong is a powerful practice, it will naturally draw people who are the right fit. 98% of our clients and students are  responsible, focused, dedicated, and able to treat it with respect. Many students have studied other styles of Qigong or healing modalities, and they continue to make great progress with Taoist Light Qigong.)


2.) Question: But this individual does not agree that Qigong styles cannot mixed?

Father: Yes, people can do whatever they want. We are only responsible for students who honor the regulations for their own safety. For example, we all know cars should not be driven on sidewalks with lots of pedestrians. It can cause chaos and danger. But most beginners even cannot see “Qi” or see the potential trouble of scattered or chaotic Qi.

3.) Question: I understand why people mix different Qigong styles, because this is California, ha.

Father: Yes, but we need to follow the principle of Taoist Light Qigong, and honor its pure and complete lineage by keeping all the diligent Taoist Light Qigong students on the right track and guiding them to achieve the most effective results and benefits with steady growth.


4.) Question : The individual questioned that as Qi in universe is free, why is there a charge for Taoist Light Qigong Training?

Father: Oxygen is free in the air, so why do people have to pay to use oxygen tanks in hospitals? If students pay the tuition for Taoist Light Qigong workshop, they will value it more and be more likely to continue the practice for their own benefit.


5.) Question: Can an individual just drop in the class and watch other's practice? I know there is not much to see unless she practices herself, and it will also make other students uncomfortable by being watched.

Father: No, students need to be very sincere about this special teaching. There are only three classes in Level I for self-healing. That's six hours in total. They need to register ahead of the time and come to finish all the three classes, as well as committing to the practice at home by themselves. Then they will get most out of the teaching.


6.) Question: I understand most Qigong masters in China like to teach beginners, and they say the beginners' energy is clean with a fresh start. Older students from other Qigong styles need to unlearn and re-start, but mostly carry more of arrogance. How long will it take for people in general to switch from one Qigong style to Taoist Light Qigong?

Father: It may take a couple of months for this transition. Arrogance itself is a huge hindrance and Qi blockage, which affect the on-going learning, healing, and growing to higher Qi state.


7.) Question: We have created a non-profit organization during the past three years, but we found it is much easier to have a clean business rather than a struggling non-profit with so much paperwork. How can we balance Qigong service as a business?

Father: Good service is first; good business is second——The two need not be in conflict as long as we keep integrity, wisdom, and compassion.


8.) Question: How to set a reasonable, healing session price?

Father: Healing with Taoist Light practitioner's essential Qi is not easy to price. For example, it only took me one minute to remove cysts and tumors for clients, even though they have been treated with other different methods for months or even years without improvement. How can we calculate the healing time and the optimal result?

( Note: Taoist Light healing session is very effective with fast results. Most of our clients experience miraculous improvement, though our sessions are not guaranteed with full recovery to everyone. It says: Qigong can help to heal hundreds of varies health condition, but can not heal 100% of people. In another word:  we can  heal the people, not the illnesses.)

9.) Question: I felt very exhausted after giving healing sessions all day. I understand many therapists, healers, massage therapists, etc. might develop chronic fatigue syndrome after working long hours. What is the best and effective way to solve this problem?

Father: Besides practicing Taoist Light Qigong Level I diligently for self-healing, as a Taoist Light Qigong practitioner, you need to practice Stage II after work to replenish the essential Qi (Zhen Qi) exhausted by clients and prevent further fatigue. Taoist Light Qigong Stage II is to replenish Zhen Qi ( (lower Dantian Qi or essential Qi) quickly and effectively after healing sessions for others or becoming drained from other work.

(Note: Stage II works! Thanks, Dad. I feel limitless resource of energy flowing through me now.)


10.) Question: A beginner student asks if he can teach his wife Taoist Light Qigong, and a person asks if he can attend group practice without any Taoist Light Qigong training?

Father: Taoist Light Qigong is about receiving the message from the universe. The initiation words can only be taught/passed on by an authentic, certified Taoist Light Qigong teacher. If people only have the words without a teacher's formal transmission, they cannot make the connection. The passwords are the passport to the universal gateway that connect all the way back to Lao Tzu and his teachings on the Tao (the Way). If an unqualified student teaches others, there is no Qi nor connection to the right channel (Taoist Light), a situation that will be ineffective and even cause dangerous outcomes. So a new student needs to receive the transmission of the teaching by an authentic Taoist Light Qigong teacher, then he can practice or participate in group practice. The first person who wants to teach is like trying to make a copy of a passport to the gate of the universe, but in truth only the original/authentic passport can work. The second student wants to practice without learning how first, it is like one wants to drive a car first without any learning and driving experience.



Both Weiye Wang and Chiyan Wang's Qigong practice level have been verified and confirmed by the Qigong Research and Science Association in Shaanxi, China in 1990.  They both hold certificates as master teachers and Qigong practitioner credentials. Weiye Wang has completed all the three stages of Taoist Light Qigong training from Master Zhou Shitai, who brought the Taoist Light Qigong esoteric teachings from Taoist Temple to the world.