A new student's experience with Taoist Light Qigong practice

In September of 2014, my health was going downhill suddenly. I had high blood pressure and faster than normal heart rate.

I found Chiyan by chance at a Yoga studio in Oxnard and learned that she was going to teach Medical Qigong class there. I signed up right away and took my first Qigong lesson from her. When she learned about my health concerns, she suggested that it would be best for me to build a foundation by practicing Taoist Light Qigong Level 1 for overall health improvement and effective healing results. I drove to Santa Barbara and took a private lesson from her, and later I participated in group classes to complete the three-part Taoist Light Qigong Level 1 series.

My health started to shift for the better. I did an experiment to measure my heart rate, before class and afterwards: My heart rate before was over 100 beats per minute or bpm, and afterwards it went back to a resting heart rate of 65 bpm.

I continued to practice Taoist Light Qigong at home, and by February my health improved and I felt so much better.

I  thank Chiyan for all the personal one on one care she gave me and see how she helps everyone who come to Taoist Light Wellness.

J. K. M.

Oxnard, CA