Qi/Life Force Transmission on June 7th

Dear Registered Participants:


Welcome to this precious opportunity for group Qi healing with my 82 year-old father, Weiye Wang. The last time I personally participated in a similar group healing lecture was thirty years ago. I think about it often and am still amazed by its healing power of light.


Please dress comfortably and loosely when you come to this event. It is better not to wear skirt, dress, jewelry or perfume. Please have lunch before you come and be well-rested in order to receive the most benefit. Everyone will be seated in chairs though some chairs are not cushioned; please feel free to bring a pad or pillow for your own comfort if needed.


When the lecture (with transmission) starts, please let yourself enter the Qi state, which means to be relaxed with your body/to be aware & clear with your mind and allow your body to move spontaneously rather than trying to be rigid and still. There is a saying in Qigong: “when the Qi moves, the body follows.” So we will go with the flow of the pure energy source/Taoist Light and let our body adjust and heal itself.


The door will be open at 2 pm. Please come earlier before the event starting time of 2:30 pm to sign in, and you can also pay the $60 fee if you have not done so already. (Checks can be made payable to Taoist Light Wellness.) This event will be videotaped and photographed for teaching/training purposes, and some photos will possibly be posted on the Taoist Light Wellness web-site. If you feel uncomfortable about being photographed in a group setting, please indicate so on the consent form when you sign in.


Be prepared for a powerful energy cleanse and awakened inner-power, as well as many blessings with light and healing energy,


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Chiyan Wang


Taoist Light Wellness

411 E. Canon Perdido St. Suite 16

Santa Barbara, Ca93101

(Ample parking is on the side)

Phone: (805) 699-6688