Father is visiting

My father had a tough life as most people of his generation did in China. He had a severe accident which almost took his life at the age of 13; he ran away from home because of Japanese War and missed most of his school years; he ate tree bark to survive at 1950's; and he went through the culture revolution. Even so, he became a principle for an elementary school and a middle school in his 30's, and then he became a leader for a company of 30,000 people until he retired.

When I saw him right after he arrived, he looked the same as when he left here five years ago. The kids asked me tricky questions as they used to do at the dinner table. “ Mom, what does a cow drink?” I answered : ”Milk.” Father corrected me quickly: “Cow drinks water.” As you can tell, my almost 83 year-old (in July) dad is much sharper than me.

Again he had no jet-lag experience after his long flight as usual, and he wakes up before everyone else does to practice Qigong and Taichi diligently in our backyard. After lunch, he takes a ten minute nap and then spends hours to cook home-made Tofu veggie rolls for the kids to take for lunch the next day.

In China we have a saying: an old wise man is a treasure at home. And it is truly a blessing to have three generations spend some peaceful, precious, and happy time together.

By the way, my father is an old authentic Qigong Master and will offer a Taoist Light Qigong Transmission on Sunday, June 7, from 2:30-4:30 pm.

It will be open to public and held at:

Taoist Light Wellness

411 E. Canon Perdido Street, Suite 16

Santa Barbara, CA   93101

Hope you can come!

                        father practices at sunrise