Taoist Light Qigong Workshops in Oxnard

A few months ago, I received an Email from Dr. Elisa Lottor Ph.D who is an expert on nutrition and homeopathy as well as the author of  the groundbreaking work: “Female and Forgetful” (a Time Warner publication). Her rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, and enthusiasm for energy healing encouraged me to start Taoist Light Qigong workshops in the Oxnard area. She helped to make a connection with Thread of Awakening Art Studio, and Taoist Light Qigong went to Oxnard, a nice, clean place with warm-hearted people. When the group grew larger and I started a second group, we moved the class to The Yoga Channel Studio for larger space.

I sincerely thank Dr. Lottor, Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo at Thread of Awakening, and Maribeth Hammond (owner and yoga master of The Yoga Channel) as well as many participants for their support in bringing Taoist Light Qigong to the Oxnard area so to benefit many others.