Live and pass at ease

When my father once was asked why he practices Qigong so diligently? He laughed: “ 活得愉快,死得痛快。”(I want to live pleasantly and die easily.”

Death is indeed universal to everyone, anyone on earth will face it some day. What we can do is to prolong our quality life with Taoist Light Qigong. There are a few Taoist monks I visit in Lou Guan Mountain when I go back to my hometown once in a while. In 1992, when I left China for America, I said good-bye to them. I knew some were already very old, I said to myself, this might be the last time I see them here. In the past twenty years, each time I visited them again and again, everyone was still healthily alive. Last time when I took my children to visit the monks in 2012, I did find one monk famous with his long distance healing was not around, since he was the oldest, so I thought for sure he had left the earth. When I asked about him assuming the normalcy, but I was told, “He is still here, he is still here!” Then he walked out with his solid and straight back, just looking like his old self.  Imagine what a great surprise for me to see him again. Now I don't doubt anymore, I believe they will always be living there in the green woods on Lou Guan Mountain- much further in the future might be in spirits.

Some previous clients suffered fatal health conditions, while some of them have completely healed themselves and are happily living until today. A few had a quality life at their end stage without much pain and were able to use that valuable time to accomplish what they needed to complete. For those who kept Taoist Light Qigong as daily practice, their transition was during sleep in the night without any struggle or suffering. That itself is a relief for themselves and a comfort for their families.

We are alive and are indeed grateful. We also know we need to accumulate good Qi when we have a good health and quality life. Later when we are in need, we will be very well-prepared.