My connection to Qigong (5)

After I made a decision to study Taoist Light Qigong with Master Zhou Shitai, I went with my mom to his Qigong healing center in Xi'an. 

There were many rooms for healers trained by Master Zhou, and the biggest room was his treatment room. I was there with his other disciples waiting for his arrival. Still a teenager, I had my legs crossed while I sat on a chair. An older woman came closer to ask me to put my legs down, at that moment, Master Zhou happened to walk inside watching all that, he laughed and spoke aloud: "Ha, the daughter is here!"  He asked me why I wanted to study Taoist Light Qigong, and I answered that I needed an exercise to keep healthy and feel balanced. Obviously, he was not completely satisfied and I could tell that for him there were much more meaningful reasons. (Years later, I wondered if I could have said that Taoist Light Qigong will not only cultivate a person's Qi, but it was also a way to help others, eventually becoming a path way to enlightenment.)

He asked me to sit next to him as the clients were ready to come in. I remembered the first one was a female who had intense headaches. During the session, she kept saying she did not feel anything. I was a little disappointed. The second one came in with a weird disease and no one knew what was wrong with him. Master Zhou looked at him with his eyes and then he said: "I see that your blood lacks of an important trace mineral called xxx." (I forgot which one, obviously it was not a common one). I became very curious, how could Master Zhou be so sure? How could he determine the particular trace mineral with his eyes? Or did Master Zhou simply had some medical knowledge that helped him determine that? Later my father told me, the guy went back to hospital and had a blood test which confirmed Master Zhou's accuracy, and the man was getting better. I sat there the whole day watching people came and go; there were about two dozen people he worked with that day. 

I understand that it was a privilege to sit next to Master when he worked, since I could connect to his powerful Qi field. 

But how can clients respond so differently? Why can Qigong heal most people but not everyone? 

I realized that when clients come for Qigong treatment, their bodies are like vessels: If one closes his vessel tightly and does not want to open to allow the new healing energy to pour in, the Master could not do that much for them; while some vessels are open and ready to receive more freely, and it is these people who will receive the most obvious benefits. Naturally, most people who come to Qigong are open-minded and are ready for the shift to get better, so it did help the most people. Why people close their energy vessels anyway? Are children more easily healed because they are more open to pure energy?

At that time, there were many scientists studying Qigong. Qian Xuesen (1911 – 2009) Ph.D, known as the "Father of Chinese Rocketry" was the most famous one at that time, Qian was a scientist who made important contributions to the space programs of both the U.S. and China. He had written: "Qigong is beneficial to the health of humankind." to encourage people believe in Qigong and practice Qigong for health benefits. From 1983 to 1987 Qian made over 100 speeches related to Qigong and the extraordinary functions of the human body at the Institute of Space Medico-Engineering in Beijing. Since the 1980s, Qian advocated scientific investigation of Qigong and "special human body functions". He also encouraged scientists to accumulate observational data on Qigong for the establishment of future theories.  I wonder if one day in the near future, scientists would be able to give a scientific proof on how Qigong works.

That night there were about 500 people gathered for Master Zhou's teaching at a public stadium. I saw bright light coming out from Master Zhou covering the dark color of his clothes. As many Qigong lectures happening in China at that time, numerous participants obtained instant benefits, such as abandoning their wheelchairs or crutches and standing up again. It was also encouraging for participants who witnessed these occurrences.

After I joined the Taoist Light Qigong class, and started carrying this new tool of healing and self-cultivation with me wherever I go ever since....