My connection to Qigong (4)

After I met Master Zhou, he suggested that I study Taoist Light Qigong. At that time, I had been studying another style of Qigong from my mother for a few months already. The old style involved six stages and each stage contained numerous precise movements. It took me months to memorize and practice, so it certainly was not easy for me to give it up.

At that time, my mother had an accident at work. A big iron box fell on her foot and she could not walk. My father came home and said to mother: "Master Zhou knew you are injured; he asked you to go to see him."

I undertook another task requiring me to go to Master Zhou's house again, this time to support mother walking on one foot. All I remember was that my mother could not put the injured foot on the ground before we walked into Master Zhou's house; but when we left, she walked back on her own without any support.

My mother's foot had a very quick recovery. At the same time, I was still enjoying the Summer Break at home. I found that I did not want to get up early to do my old style of Qigong practice. Then I realized that the reason I did not want to get out from bed was because all the long movements became such a work and hassle in my mind and for my body. When I thought about going through all the movements, my body simply did not want to move. "This does not work for me," I thought, "I am not looking forward to the practice anymore."

So I decided to let mom show me how she practiced Taoist Light Qigong. When I saw it was such a simple, easy, and effortless practice, I became completely drawn into it. I remembered how to do it all in ten minutes rather than months, and the first thought I had was: "I will want to get up early again and try this practice."

Each stage of Taoist Light Qigong starts with a "password," then you just let the body go naturally. I have always been fascinated by the powerful passcode-like words, which I understand to contain a high vibrational energy frequencies, and I had one exceptional personal experience in the past:

When I was about eight years old, my mother taught me a ten-syllable mantra. I memorized it immediately. Each time I repeated it in my mind as a little girl, I could see the universal gate open and there were about twelve stars that formed a particular configuration. I thought that since mom had told me the mantra, so she could see the same thing as I saw it. But then one day after school, I came back home and she showed me an ancient practicing book. She told me, "If you keep practicing these words, you will see this star configuration." I was really surprised that this configuration had been in front of me each time I recited this mantra, for it looked exactly the same as in the instructional book.

Certain words are very powerful and it is the key to open the gate of universe. I thought, it was easy to see the star configuration, but what else could it do for me? At the end of semester, we had final exam. I tried and tried, but I could not resolve the last math problem. That problem represented 20% of my whole math score, and the math teacher said there was only two minutes left, that everyone should look through their work and get ready to turn in their papers. Suddenly, I remembered my passcode to the universe that opened my own mind. I repeated it three times. My brain suddenly got it, and I spent the last 90 seconds putting down my correct answer on the paper.

After that personal experience, I have always been drawn to certain words and sounds which hold ancient wisdom and the key to universal mysteries.

So when I learned Taoist Light Qigong entailed using these passwords, I became very interested and felt I was ready for a new Qigong practice under Master Zhou's personal guidance.