What is Qi (life force) State?

Qi state or Qigong State, it is spelled as “Qigong Tai” or “Gong Tai” in Chinese.

The term Qigong state was first named by a renowned scientist Qian Xuesen, or Hsue-Shen Tsien (1911 – 2009), who was educated in the U.S. as an aerospace engineer, then was regarded as the Father of Chinese space program. In the later years of his life, he had studied Qigong in depth and done profound scientific research and practiced for his own health benefits. He lived to 98 years old and stated Qigong scientific research will give birth to “a new scientific revolution” in the future.*

Qigong State is an outstanding and extra-ordinary brain functional state neither in sleep nor awake state. It is in highly and mostly enjoyable mental state where the potentiality from cells/body can be awakened for healing and maximum performance of the body.

For example, a stroke client from Santa Ynez could not move his left arm normally, but in Taoist Light Qigong Level I group transmission training, he entered into Qi State , and quickly his arm was moving freely. Another person did a head-stand without any previous yoga training; and a woman spoke a foreign language happily which she had never learned (in this life time); Recently, a new returned client told me her cyst on her face was gone through Taoist Light Qigong practice. Other report like the high blood pressure immediately going down after they entered into Qi state, etc.

The Qi state can be also used for transmitting Qi to a client. For example, I need to enter into Qi state before I started to heal a person who was paralyzed. Right after the first session, his mother shared that his paralyzed legs were moving for the first time after two years since he was severely injured. And of course, that was the way Taoist Light Practitioners to remove energy blockages including pain/aches/frozen areas, cleanse dirty/infectious blood, clear out heavy and depressive energy, bring brain to clarity and heal many health conditions successfully.

Most Qigong masters started to learn and practice Qigong because of an adversed health condition, but that was not my case. when I was a teenager, I found that to enter into Qi state simply has an amazing and most satisfying sensation from head to toe. Sometimes, I feel like my body is so light which can almost float in air and sometimes my brain is so quiet but highly aware with knowing. The relaxation, healing effect and blissful Qi state make me can not wait to get into my practice everyday.

If anyone has an excuse on not practice Taoist Light Qigong such as 30-60min practice is too long, I can assure you that once you truly enter into Qi state, you will find Qigong is not a hard work at all, and one hour can feel like ten minutes.


*“Collective work on Qigong science” edited by Hu HangChang and wu Qihui