ill health conditions and emotions/thoughts

When an illness come, especially a severe one, it feels like mountains are falling, very overwhelmed. Most likely, people might treat illness as enemies and get into battles which can drain more energy instead of reserve energy for inner healing, actually can lead to ultimate recovery.

Illness is a signal telling us what needs to be changed and transformed. As Taoist cultivators, we encourage people to learn from an ill condition: seeing what was knotted and then know how to untie it. Traditional Chinese medicine has already addressed seven emotions and six desires that could affect the health of the body. So here is a table between health conditions and emotions/thoughts:

Headache: One cannot follow one's own mind, and cannot have one's own thoughts, being led by others.

Dizziness: Having trouble finding the direction of life. Trembling hands: Over-controlling, being unable to let go. Be calm, let others do their job, and focus on your own life. There is no need to request others to do exactly the way you want it to be.

Throat/ tonsil/ thyroid: Being unable to express the true voice, true thoughts, and dissatisfaction.

Heart disease: Lost happiness in life, especially at work.

Deafness: Being stubborn, not willing to listen to other people's ideas.

Spinal curvature: Thinking and spiritual belief deviating from the right path.

Kidney/lumbar disc herniation: Fear of money. The subconscious mind is worried that the money is not enough or the money earned will be lost.

Left knee: It is time to slow down and stop.

Right knee: It is time to move forward.

Swelling: Constantly keeping a backlog of negative emotions, not knowing how to release. (Need to learn a conscious, healthy, and effective way for self-dissolving negative emotions such as through the Taoist Light Formless Qigong practice.)

Sinus: Inner tears need to be released

Diabetes: Too much bitterness and suffering in life requires a little more sweet feeling, finding a balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Spleen: The relationship with parents is off, especially the mother's relationship is compromised, or lost motherhood since childhood, lack of maternal care, nourishment, and love.

Liver: Anger and rage, either overwhelming or suppressed. Finding a balance point, express your emotions calmly and with respect, and set a positive and healthy boundary.

Neck: Not flexible enough and the mind is stiff in thinking.

Obesity: A protective layer of negative emotional wounds.

The causes to an ill health condition/ can be very complex and this is only for reference. Letting go, change, and transformation are getting on the road of full recovery.