Update from Taoist Light Wellness


We are going to hold group practice and group Qi healing on 3/23 Saturday, 4-5:30pm at Taoist Light Wellness. The group healing session has been amazing, because the more participants, the stronger Qi field can be created. After each session, everyone is glowing! It is only $30 for 90 min session. I hope people who have received the Taoist Light Qigong level I training can join in.

I am leaving for China to visit my parents from 3/31-4/1, it is always good to give them back love and care. While I am away, the group practice and healing session will be held by Rhonda Richey, she has received Taoist Light Qigong instructor training and has been practicing constantly and diligently. She will do a great job in leading these practices as well as holding the space for group healing afterwards.

Next Week gathering schedule will be as following: 3/28 Thursday 10-11:30am, 3/30 Saturday 4-5:30pm.

P.S. I would like to share something marvelous if you are interested in permaculture...

I grew up on loess plateau (loose yellow soil piled up places), the dust was everywhere when wind blew. I wonder why now it is so clean when I go back to Xi’an visiting my parents! While Chinese has created a transformation from this used to be nothing could grow deserted huge area into green paradise with permaculture restoration. The physical and economic transformation of the Loess Plateau offers the clearest demonstration of what can be achieved through close partnership with the government, good policies, technical support and active consultation and participation of the people.

John D. Liu (Chinese American, Eco hero) witnessed the amazing change and now sets up earth restoration camps all over the world, it gives hope to restore our mother earth.



Please contact me via E-mail, I will check it while I am in China.