Levels of Qigong practice state

A self-proclaimed "Qigong grand-master" in China ordained for a suspect criminal case for killing his disciple. The ridiculous thing was that he claimed he has reached to the highest "Qigong state" which was to obtain snakes from far away. For example, he could do tricks to get snakes into his empty bowl which tons of Indians on the street can do that, right? And Indians honestly told people that was simply a trick. This guy called it Qigong, and thus he was the greatest "Qigong grand-master". The strange phenomenon was that dozens of celebrities and successful businessmen  were becoming his followers and devotees, regardless this guy had a record in prison previously because of his multiple scams and sexual-misconducts towards women. When I was watching his video on "Qigong", I almost laughed out loud. The "grand master" certainly can play tricks on snakes but much more so on people,  but all have nothing to do with Qigong. Who have helped to create this kind of  "Qigong Masters" who never practice nor cultivate on themselves, get angry easily and curse and kill?  It is because of human's blindness, unfortunately many people like tricks much more than repetitive and solid cultivation day after a day.

So what is real Qigong state levels?

Level I: cleanse out illness Qi and build a healthy foundation

That's why most Qigong masters were ill themselves and they can use Qigong practice to heal themselves and continue with the practice.

Cleansing out illness Qi, also means to cleanse our mind out the poisons thoughts (Yee Nien): greed, anger and jealousy ignorance and misconduct sexual energy.

( Practice Taoist Light Qigong Level I)

Level II. transcendental ability

It is a by-product of self-cultivation but not the purpose. Some can not eat  anything for days or even walk on egg shells without break them, but this is not it. Because all these abilities without integrity, purpose and self discipline can go in vain especially when being misused.

(Practice Taoist Light Qigong level II)

Level III Heaven and Human are merged into oneness

The gate of universe Qi is open, practitioner's mind is peaceful and pure, thus it is in the alignment with the heavenly Qi, one's wisdom eye is open, we can receive the message we need to help others or not.  When we understand the how the universe worked, we start to use our abilities to serve more on the earth and help others correctly.

(Practice Taoist Light Qigong stage II)

Level IV. Ultimate freedom

Our own soul become immortal and most masters live long full-filling life in fully awakened state. Yet they are more "normal", humble and comfortable to be with. Their hearts are full of compassion, mind is ever-clear, hands are very powerful. But they can let go all of these and just become a quiet observer at peace at all times.

(Practice Taoist Light Qigong stage III)