Why choose Taoist Light Qigong out of thousands of Qigong styles?

  1. Pure and authentic origin: A whole simple yet powerful set of Qigong comes with long generations of lineage.

  2. Experienced Instructor: more than 30 years of teaching and healing in China and the U.S. who dedicates to support you to practice correctly and successfully.

  3. Individual and customized movements: You come to receive the key to the WAY, and your movements will be different from others according to your own needs and joyful experience.

  4. An actual class room: many people have been coming and building up amazing Qi/energy field with power, healing and tranquility.

  5. Simplicity: mostly it only takes one day to learn a set of key words to open the universal gate of energy resource.

Students at all levels, ages, conditions, or religions are welcome to study Taoist Light Qigong to start the healing journey of health, youth, happiness and longevity.