Free Healing Support group

The year of Rooster has been an extremely challenging year for most people, but even much worse for California, not talking about the Northern California wild fires, but where we live in Southern California.

The largest fire in California history burned behind my house and put us onto a 14-day of evacuation. Fortunately, we had a place to go, we stayed in Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles and spent much time there to contemplate and pray.

After the fire, the flood starting on 1/9/2018, took 20 lives in Montecito, a 10,000 people town and a walking distance from my house.

As a Taoist, we have been trained to be "Chu Shi Bu Jing" (处事不惊)which means no matter what is happening outside the world, one's heart remains calm and make quick decisions according to the situation.

The whole Town is in such deep sorrow for the loss of properties and friends or families. This tragedy will take long time to heal, Santa Barbara has been always called "the Paradise" in the U.S, but people have experienced burning hell from fire and life-swallowing darkness (from Mudslide in the night) in the past a couple of months. It keeps reminding us that nothing on Earth is permanent. (Shi Shi Wu Chang 世事无常)

Taoist Light Wellness will offer free support Healing group on 1/24 and 1/31 10:30-12:00pm at:

Taoist Light Wellness

411 E. Canon Perdido Street, Suite 16

Santa Barbara, Ca 93101

Healing tea ceremony will be provided, and a circle of light and compassion will be formed.

We hope you can join us, and stay strong and well.

Chiyan Wang

Founder of Taoist Light Wellness