Full-Moon Festival celebration


The moon will be the fullest on Oct. 4th, Wednesday in 2017.  This is the time to celebrate the full moon, Autumn harvest, family union and friends‘ gathering.

Usually on new moon and full moon day, it is the best time to give thanks, and to have vegetarian meals for cleansing. The energy is much more powerful on full moon days, the practice of Taoist Light Qigong can be more powerful and effective.

I wish you all a wonderful Moon Festival, and if you would like to try some traditional moon cakes, please come on Friday 10/6, 10-12 Noon. We are going to serve various flavored and high quality moon cakes.

Today's blog ends with Li Bai's famous poem perfectly:

"People today do not see the moon of ancient times;

 But this moon did once shine upon the ancient ones."



May you have a wonderful full moon day!