How much Fenfshui works for one's life?

Fengshui really works, but it is like practicing Qigong, one needs to follow the "correct" guidelines.

Over the past many years, I only did Fengshui consultation on the side, and people found me by word-of-mouth. I mostly helped people to rent or sell their houses or make new arrangements when people moved into new houses.

I did not want to go into the Fengshui field at that time, since Fengshui "masters" in China and Hongkong, like Qigong Masters now, are mixed with real and not that real energies, thus the reputation of Fengshui masters is not that great anymore. Then one day a school teacher's assistant came to me for health concerns: She has five kids and works for very little pay at a school. She also works as a house-keeper, scrubbing other's floor to feed her five kids, despite holding a M.A. degree. I found her wealth corner was simply empty and wasted. If Fengshui can help people like her who is struggling financially, then it would be worthwhile to provide tips and practices to increase their financial flow. I decided to start Fengshui workshops for the public, and following that decision, more and more people invited me to go to their houses and make Fengshui improvements.

The fact is that a person's financial situation is dependent upon the following: 30% from merit generated in the past (how much has been given out in the past), 40% from current investment (how much is given out currently) as well as one's financial decisions and responsibilities, and 30 % from Fengshui. So if a person makes the decision to practice Fengshui correctly, the energy will surely flow, but it would take the other 70% to make a huge change and increase one's fortune.

If one believes that a 100% reliance upon Fengshui alone can accomplish such huge changes, then that would lead to superstition and greed, which we should consciously avoid.

Mainly, Fengshui will of course benefit people who believe Fenghui works. It is like house plant: if it is placed in a wrong spot, without enough air and light, it is not going to grow healthily. We want to live in a space where the energy can support us and nurture us, helping us to grow financially and spiritually.