How does Fengshui work? (1)

As the body is the house for the soul, the house is a shelter for the body. If a plant is placed at an improper environmental location, the plant cannot stay well and healthy. If a person stays in a house or office with poor Fengshui, it will definitely effect his/her over-all wellbeing. I often put it this way: Unseen force matters. It is probably easier to understand when I say that a house with mildew or gas leaks is a sick house; one may not see or smell it in the beginning, but later on one will feel weakened and become sick. A house with poor Fengshui is the same, especially when the owner cannot see/sense how the feng ("wind") and the shui ("water") energy work. Having a good Fengshui consultant come and take a look is important like a thorough physical health check-up, then you can heal the problems.

Fengshui works with unseen force/energy as well as physical forms (tangible objects, proper placements, etc.) It will be very clear if the house has good Fengshui, because it feels secure, peaceful, balanced, happy, and flowing. For whoever lives in a house with good Fengshui, things will turn to the better: better health, better financial flow, higher energy level, sounder sleep in the night, and overall better luck. In Ancient China, there is a saying about three important factors; heavenly time (天时), earth location (地利), and a harmonious relationship with people (人和): These three things together can make any good things happen. In America, it is like being at right time and at the right place to meet the right people; surely you can imagine how everything will go smoothly under such circumstances.

With Fengshui adjustment, repair, and healing performed on the house, we intend to make these three factors work together at their optimal level, and then the place becomes the right location to support your health, career, and family harmony. It is then called as a "loving space" and "Fengshui house".