Father's contribution

My father is a certified Qigong Master, and he stayed with us for the past three months.

Father taught two workshops, one was a group transmission lecture, and the other was a Taoist Light Qigong Stage II training for advanced students. He firmly declined to take any remuneration home from all the workshops he taught, so we decided to put the funds into the future promotion of Taoist Light Wellness in the hope that more people can learn about and benefit from Taoist Light Qigong.

Father's trip to the USA was a healing journey for him, myself, and my family. It brought out more clarity and understanding. It was also inspiring to see that when a person becomes older, there is still so much more room to grow, especially by keeping a flexible mind and an open heart. My gift for his 83 year old birthday was an iPhone which he really wanted. He learned how to use it very quickly, and soon texted me asking what I wanted for dinner :).

During our precious time together, father helped by fixing things around the house, sewing the little holes in the kids' socks, fixing the zippers on my purse, and spending hours cooking meals from scratch. He also brewed fresh tea to fill the thermos for me and my clients everyday, and waved goodbye to me from the front porch as I headed to work.

The best part for me was going on walks with my father everyday after dinner. We talked about everything and watched the sunset, while the kids passed by us happily on their bikes.

On the day of his flight back to China, father got up at 5 am and cooked a wholesome, nutritionally balanced breakfast for the whole family, and then he practiced Taoist Light Qigong. As we drove to LAX, he insisted that we visit one of my best friends he had met previously during his last trip. He said this friend had cooked for me when I was pregnant with my twins, and friends are there when a person is in need are the real friends.

I would like to summarize what I have learned from my father about the qualities of a real Qigong master:

• Keep up the daily practice for oneself

• Uphold high standards of integrity

• Be willing to help and serve others

• Stay peaceful in the wisdom for all situations

• Radiate the inner light naturally that comes from years cultivation

Most people think my father does not look 83 years old, thus I encourage all Taoist Light Qigong students to practice diligently now that we can take inspiration from my father, for he has proved as an example that Taoist Light Qigong is working!

On July 5, we celebrated father's Birthday.

On July 5, we celebrated father's Birthday.

On the same day, after his Birthday celebration, he taught us acupressure for healing hypertension.

On the same day, after his Birthday celebration, he taught us acupressure for healing hypertension.

father walk along coast.jpg

Walking along the coast was the highlight of father's visit.