Sunday Enchanced Practice

It was on October 4th, 2015. We had a nice down-pour in Santa Barbara. The earth, plants, and people were all so nurtured and nourished by the crystal rain drops after years of severe drought.

The classroom has also just undergone a make-over: a new Chinese palace lantern represents illumination; a gold Kari fish screen represents longevity and free-flowing energy. Fresh new paint of soft gold has lightened up the whole room and makes it feel like much more expanded. Lao Tzu (a picture of his statue from the Lou Guan Taoist Temple which was handed to me by my teacher, Master Zhou Shi Tai) who is one of the greatest philosopher and the founder of Taoism was looking upon us.

There were only seven people who showed up and gathered for Taoist Light Qigong Level I enhanced group practice. This October was a difficult month for many people, there were so much transformations that happened and a fresh, new start awaits.

We arrived at 2 pm as usual, and the group practice was exceptional. We went so deep into a peaceful healing state, time felt like it had stopped. After we put a closure to the five sections, it felt like we had multiplied the practice ten times and awakened from many lifetimes.

I wondered often how Taoist Light Qigong can help people more , and how the new space would work for who walks in with sincere heart ... We have found on that day with deep gratitude, the result of the group practice really shows the tranquil, bright light space has served us so well and a new Taoist Light Wellness center is anchored.

office waititng room1.jpg

P.S. If you have studied Taoist Light Qigong Level I, you are invited to come for the Sunday group practice again and again. The next gathering is on November 1st from 2-3:30 pm.