Taoist Light Instrutor/Healer Training (5)

We continued studying physical healing, particularly working on kidney Qi (the father Qi of prenatal Energy and our Qi reservoir to keep us grounded and centered) and spleen Qi (the mother Qi of post-natal energy to transform food into healthy Qi and nutrients).


The topics covered were:

1. How to build up kidney Qi

2. How to cleanse the excessive heat in the head and emotional body

3. How to use food therapy to increase spleen function besides Qigong practice

4. How to detect Qi blockages in a client's body and remove them

5. General tongue diagnosis to confirm the Qi reading

6. Taoist esoteric teaching on the simplest yet most powerful way of external Qi healing for others

7. How to protect the healer's own Qi while working with clients whose energy might be very ill and toxic or even contagious


The reasons why Taoist Light Qigong is so effective are:

1. Follow naturalness, the Tao (the true way)

2. Qi/energy purification (letting go of illness Qi)

We understand that a diamond truly shines because the unnecessary parts were chipped away by purposeful intention. 

This new year resolution is that we focus on our own well-being and skillfully master the gentle yet effective and powerful healing technique with wisdom to help others to heal as well.