Taoist Light Qigong Clarifications

Taoist Light Qigong has its long history, pure lineage, and complete system. It is very powerful and extremely effective in healing and helping students to reach high-level Qi state/consciousness level. Because of this, we would like students to be aware of the following:

1.) For students' safety and instructors's quality transmission, only Taoist Light Qigong instructor who holds a valid certification (which is re-certified every two years) can teach/demonstrate Taoist Light Qigong. To ensure teaching quality, all the strictly trained instructors are working together under the one (Taoist Light Qigong Wellness) umbrella. These instructors have high integrity and compassion to help people while honoring the Taoist Light lineage and its requirements. Most all, only teachers who have reached high level Qi state themselves, have realized their own potentiality in healing, and have ability to read Qi, can work with people and hold the pole of group energy in a Taoist Light Qigong classroom.

For your own protection, we encourage people to seek only instructors who teach Taoist Light Qigong with a valid instructor certification under Taoist Light Wellness, and the instructor who  does not to mix up Taoist Light Qigong with other energy healing modalities, and respect the pure lineage and essential teachings of Taoist Light Qigong. 

2.) As for students, in order to reach the best result and effectiveness of your own practice, it is better not to mix Taoist Light Qigong practice with other different Qigong practices or energy healing work; because doing so can make the Qi move along different Qi channels and cause harm and imbalances in physical, emotional and mental body; and can even make the Qi more chaotic, scattered, and depleted; rather than calming, orderly, and generated. (Though all Taoist Light Qigong team will always respect to all different healing modalities/other Qigong styles.)

3.) Taoist Light Qigong is based on Taoist Philosophy: Qi follows the way of naturalness. It is not a religion and it absolutely does not conflict with religions; prayer work; chanting, or gym workouts and other physical exercise, such as hiking, walking, stretching, psycho-therapy work, etc. It mainly focuses on working with the Qi/energy (electric field and form of light) and higher consciousness so to heal illnesses, strengthen the physical body, and increase mental brightness and clarity. 

We wish you a safe and steadfast growth in your Taoist LIght Qigong practice and wish everyone on different healing paths the best of health and well-being.


Taoist Light Wellness Team