Choose a right teacher, not a famous teacher

In Chinese, the character "famous" and "wise" share the same pronunciation, though the meanings are very different. There is a saying in Chinese: "Choose a wise teacher, not a famous teacher." It can be also about a good teacher-student connection, and "when students are ready, teacher will appear".

It might take one a long way to get where he wants to go on his own, including many detours and blind twists and turns; but with a teacher's guidance, the way is shortened, since the teacher has already found the short-cuts and direct routes. The teacher brightens the darkness so we can see better. At many times, someone might say, "No one has told me so." Yes, with a wise teacher we will be told and become aware. So a wise teacher will not only give gentle encouragement when on the right path, but will also point out to the student when he deviates.

 My first Qigong teacher was my mom, when a "regular" mom developed a skill which like a doctor could take away illnesses and discomforts quickly and miraculously for kids , I was very impressed to learn what she learned from Master Zhou Shitai. At that time Master Zhou was not famous, I often went to his tiny apartment to receive teachings and guidance. I learned the most was from that time, I always remember that he smiled at me and said " Ha, my girl is back." Later, when I was in college, I took long train ride, traveled more than 1000 miles to his retreat center. At that time, it was not possible to get one on one sessions, since his class room was often filled with thousands of people. Gratefully, he gave me the permission to call him, which was a privilege and we stayed connected where-ever I was. After I came to the U.S., one day I met a young girl client who was suffering severe depression, so I decided to look for another teacher, who could explain this emotion disorder from the perspective of Western psychology. Then it all came together, I rode on the same camel with a woman in the Gobi desert, she commented: "That boy who is leading our camel is my teacher."  I knew immediately I have found another true teacher, this woman who was riding on the same camel with me. What I saw was not only her humbleness and her peaceful, "cool" way to deal all kinds of "emotional disturbing" situation; but also acknowledged her strong background in psychology. I had studied with her for more than ten years, some times three sessions a week.

When I visited my family in China, I stayed in a city in southern China for two years. I intended to meet some new masters in my life .... soon I realized that the famous masters there often have big advertisements and are not the ones I was looking for. But the ones who I connected with and touched me by their quiet way of living. I found them through such surprises by realizing that their energy is simply clear and their wisdom shines.

I try to always remember what I have learned before: "Just cultivating Qi but not virtue, one might easily become delusional; and just cultivating virtue but not Qi, one will find such effort was all in vain as one ages." This means that although one has a good character/is a great being, one loses the vital Qi such that when one gets older, all their efforts might fail and their health falls apart. But a person who only cultivates Qi but not virtue can carry huge energy but their mind can be misled by ego thoughts and easily become delusional. It is like a car and a driver: the car is the Qi/ moving force, and the driver with a clear brain and eye-sight are virtues. Without a good car, the driver cannot go too far; but without a good driver, the car can be driven to a ditch. Here we come back to Taoist and Virtue Light Qigong (the full name of Taoist Light Qigong) We will certainly need to cultivate both: the Qi and virtue,  and you will find the true Master/healer within yourselves.

I also use this as a guideline when looking for a great teacher who will appear not only with a powerful Qi body but also as a wise, humble, and compassionate being.