Once in ancient times, a very old Qigong master lay on his bed ready for his passage while all his disciples were sitting quietly around him. It was all serene and filled with light. Suddenly, the master looked around with his wise eyes, and tried to move his lips. A senior disciple sensed some joyful feelings, he announced: "Master must want to share with us something very important." All the disciples moved closer him, ready to hear the last teaching. The Master whispered his final word: "Practice." And then he exhaled his last breath.

Practice is the foundation of Qigong for self-healing and self-realization. It is like a rechargeable battery that needs to be recharged for a certain period of time. The human body also needs a steady and regular re-charge of the Qi/vital energy, so it can be rejuvenated and restored.

Everyone is busy in this modern society; How can people make time for at least 30 minutes of Qigong practice a day?  Firstly, we prioritize, remembering that if one gets sick, how much time might we miss at work while suffering the physical and mental pain, what no other person can take on for us. So keeping a healthy state is the priority, then one can accomplish more of what is needed to be done. Secondly, if you practice Qigong or Taoist Light Medical Qigong (which only takes a few minutes) in the morning, you will set a peaceful yet energetic tone for the whole day. When mind is calm and clear, the rest of day will go much smoother and more efficiently.  If one really does not have time, I often suggest taking a half hour or one hour out from sleeping time, especially in the early morning: Get up one hour or half hour earlier for a peaceful practice which is more beneficial with a better quality than sleep.

We often hear: "Practice makes it better." We will also need to be aware that: "Right practice makes it better." Which means follow the correct instructions and not practice Qigong in a rush or when thousands of thoughts and doubts are racing though the mind.

So practice, and by that I mean "Right practice," makes it perfect.