About Our healing work

Actual cases that were/are completely healed from Taoist Light Wellness through private healing sessions and Taoist Light Qigong self-practice:

1.) chronic fatigue syndromes, 2.) cancer, 3.) leukemia, 4.) bipolar disorder, 5.) vertigo, 6.) depression, 7.) aches and pains, 8.) kidney stone, 9.) overwhelming sadness from loss, 10.) weight-loss, 11.) stress, 12.) insomnia, 13.) heart conditions, 14.) blood infections, 15.) breathing problems, 16.) skin conditions, 17.) sinus infections, 18.) hearing loss, 19.) carpal tunnel syndrome, 20.) arthritis, 21.) sex addiction, 21.) hemorrhoids, 23.) tennis elbow, 24.) surgeries and injuries, 25.) sciatic pain, etc.

Other conditions that improved greatly(mostly people did not continue the sessions):

1.) HIV, 2.) rheumatoid arthritis, 3.) paralyses, 4.) multiple sclerosis, 5.) chemical sensitivities, 6.) loss of direction in life, 7.) Parkinson's disease 8.) other addictions, etc.

We are an alternative healing center; we do not intend to diagnose or treat any disease or illnesses. If you have an acute condition, please check with your doctor. We can help prepare the body and mind for medical procedures to ensure that they will go smoothly and successfully, and help the body to recover from a procedure faster with no/less complications.