Taoist Light level I workshop in San Diego

Going to a new city, meeting new wonderful people!
Taoist Light workshop first stop- San Diego

The workshop was held at Foundation Yoga center at Solana beach, San Diego

“This practice is something I have been waiting all my life”
“Exquisite experience”
“ I have slept 11 hours straight last night (after first day workshop).”- participant suffered from insomnia

Thank Susan Dasch, psychotherapist, (No.six from right in picture) for organizing this workshop; Mimi Miller, acupuncturist, (No. seven from right) for her referrals and private healing treatment room; Diane Roberts, owner at Foundation Yoga for the workshop space; Dr. Peter A. Levine, Psychologist (No. four from right) and beautiful Laura Regalbuto, Trauma specialist, (No. 5 from right) for their special gift and inspiration, and all the participants for their amazing presence to the group Qi field.

solana beach group pic.jpg