China Trip

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I recently visited Xi'an, China, to be with my parents. They are still living in the same complex where I grew up, and they have been there for the past 50 years.

My parents choose not to move elsewhere because the community is amazingly supportive. Friendly and warm-hearted neighbors are like families to each other. They keep an eye on the apartments and help each other when one is in need. They hang around, play, dance, or go out grocery shopping together.

Both of my parents are at their 80's, and most people living close-by are as old as them, so I watched how many others were using wheelchairs or walking with tremendous difficulty. But mom walked with me for a whole day on foot, and then we went back, she went up two steps at the time, going upstairs with ease. My father's skin is smooth and shining, and his hair is still pretty much all black. All of these convinced me how it is so important to take care of one's health, so one can grow older healthily and gracefully. Mom is still very active: she has organized two groups, one is about 20 people who play folk music instruments and do performances during the holidays; while another group is for healing and health. She started a new trigger point massage healing room, and trained seven volunteers who offer service to their community.

One of my important reasons for making the visit was to help my dad get a hearing-aid, since he could not hear me over the phone, but he told me he already got a hearing aid, but it makes so much static noises, he does not want to wear it. A week after I was there, I took a walk with him as we did everyday, and we chattered all along. To my surprise, without the hearing aid, he responded to my every word. His hearing is finally coming back clearly after mom had been working on him for one month and half. I decided to learn this new healing technique from her.

I was born and grew up in Xi'an until I was 18 years old. This gigantic ancient city still nourishes and holds my roots and basic understanding of a good life, healthy friendship, effective healing, and much more.

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Levels of Qigong practice state

A self-proclaimed "Qigong grand-master" in China ordained for a suspect criminal case for killing his disciple. The ridiculous thing was that he claimed he has reached to the highest "Qigong state" which was to obtain snakes from far away. For example, he could do tricks to get snakes into his empty bowl which tons of Indians on the street can do that, right? And Indians honestly told people that was simply a trick. This guy called it Qigong, and thus he was the greatest "Qigong grand-master". The strange phenomenon was that dozens of celebrities and successful businessmen  were becoming his followers and devotees, regardless this guy had a record in prison previously because of his multiple scams and sexual-misconducts towards women. When I was watching his video on "Qigong", I almost laughed out loud. The "grand master" certainly can play tricks on snakes but much more so on people,  but all have nothing to do with Qigong. Who have helped to create this kind of  "Qigong Masters" who never practice nor cultivate on themselves, get angry easily and curse and kill?  It is because of human's blindness, unfortunately many people like tricks much more than repetitive and solid cultivation day after a day.

So what is real Qigong state levels?

Level I: cleanse out illness Qi and build a healthy foundation

That's why most Qigong masters were ill themselves and they can use Qigong practice to heal themselves and continue with the practice.

Cleansing out illness Qi, also means to cleanse our mind out the poisons thoughts (Yee Nien): greed, anger and jealousy ignorance and misconduct sexual energy.

( Practice Taoist Light Qigong Level I)

Level II. transcendental ability

It is a by-product of self-cultivation but not the purpose. Some can not eat  anything for days or even walk on egg shells without break them, but this is not it. Because all these abilities without integrity, purpose and self discipline can go in vain especially when being misused.

(Practice Taoist Light Qigong level II)

Level III Heaven and Human are merged into oneness

The gate of universe Qi is open, practitioner's mind is peaceful and pure, thus it is in the alignment with the heavenly Qi, one's wisdom eye is open, we can receive the message we need to help others or not.  When we understand the how the universe worked, we start to use our abilities to serve more on the earth and help others correctly.

(Practice Taoist Light Qigong stage II)

Level IV. Ultimate freedom

Our own soul become immortal and most masters live long full-filling life in fully awakened state. Yet they are more "normal", humble and comfortable to be with. Their hearts are full of compassion, mind is ever-clear, hands are very powerful. But they can let go all of these and just become a quiet observer at peace at all times.

(Practice Taoist Light Qigong stage III)




Deep gratitude and Acknowledgement


We want to give great thanks to the following patrons who have supported and donated funds to Taoist Light Wellness so we can move through the very difficult time after these horrific natural disasters in Santa Barbara.

Pro. George Singer

Milena Ophuls

Caroline Blakemore

Elizabeth & Matthew Sperling

Rhonda Richey

Elisabeth Bourjaily

We have got to keep the space for Taoist Light Wellness center and many have been benefited from its peaceful healing energy and spacious practice room; and many more will gather here for healing and recovery.


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Taoist Light level I workshop in San Diego

Going to a new city, meeting new wonderful people!
Taoist Light workshop first stop- San Diego

The workshop was held at Foundation Yoga center at Solana beach, San Diego

“This practice is something I have been waiting all my life”
“Exquisite experience”
“ I have slept 11 hours straight last night (after first day workshop).”- participant suffered from insomnia

Thank Susan Dasch, psychotherapist, (No.six from right in picture) for organizing this workshop; Mimi Miller, acupuncturist, (No. seven from right) for her referrals and private healing treatment room; Diane Roberts, owner at Foundation Yoga for the workshop space; Dr. Peter A. Levine, Psychologist (No. four from right) and beautiful Laura Regalbuto, Trauma specialist, (No. 5 from right) for their special gift and inspiration, and all the participants for their amazing presence to the group Qi field.

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Taoism study classes

Dear All,

Hope you are doing well.

We are continuing to study Taoism through Zhuang Tzu's fun and inspiring stories.

Zhuang Tzu is an enlightened and free-willed Taoism philosopher who received amazing and vivid images in his cultivated Qi State and his teaching is lively and unique. He lived up to about 84 years old about 2,400 years ago.

Next class March 27 Tuesday, 10-12 Noon $50/per class

Classes are on the second and fourth Tuesday morning of each month.

If you are interested, please let me know.

For the Tao (way) of wandering through life with ease...


Practicing Qigong: on the way to the future

Dear Chiyan,

I just wrote this today (2/15/2018), after our (Thursday group) practice. Hope you enjoy it!

Best, Matt


Practicing Qi Gong:

On the Way to the Future

By Matthew Sperling


Laotsu was a wise old man who road his water buffalo

through the Western gate.

We enter from the East, with the rising sun, asking,

“In the name of democracy and of the spirit,

“how do we manage to do so much harm?”

How have we, following in the footsteps of wisdom,

managed to arrive at the destruction of nearly everything?

How did we bake people like burnt crumbs in the ovens of the dead?

How did we lower the known universe to our level,

to the level of our desire?

Of course the wealthy will say that everything is going just fine.

What needs to be changed when nearly everyone else wants to be you?

We are being killed by the things we want, because we feel

the alternatives are not good enough.

But no one needs bodyguards because they have so much gold

it will tear a hole in their pocket then fall out and break their foot.

We do not need clothing made at a price that would feed

a family of four for a year.

We need love and sleep and dreams.

We need the healing of our pain.

We need to connect with the rare life,

all that life as rare as we are, sharing this

one inhabited planet circling an average star.

We need to prepare ourselves not only

to learn more about what we are.

We need to prepare for the discovery

of what we will become.

The old man and  his water buffalo

tried to teach us what they knew, and,

so far, we are not even as wise as that beast

lumbering into the future, centuries ago,

where we have barely begun to arrive.



Dear All,

I hope you are all doing great.

With great honor and humbleness, I am delighted to announce that we are going to hold a Taoism Study Group.

March 6 (Tuesday) 12 - 2 pm, Lesson 1 " Wandering at Ease"

The series of classes will be held on every other Tuesdays

Tuition: $80/session

Location: Taoist Light Wellness

411 E. Canon Perdido St.Suite 16

Santa Barbara, Ca 93101


Note: A few committed people to form the core group, and if others can not commit the whole course, one can drop in whenever possible. People are also welcome to join in via Zoom.

      The stories of Chuang Tzu

There is one simple reason for the Tao to have survived through the ages intact....It works. The principles of the Tao are extremely effective when applied to everyday life. The philosophy as a whole is nothing less than a practical, useful guide to living life in a way that is smooth, peaceful and full on energy.


Using the powerful medium of stories which engage us in the inherent wisdom of the Tao we will gain insight into our own lives. When applying these teachings people may notice certain changes, including greater composure and ease in various situations the ability to handle challenges and difficulties with less effort and achieve better results and enhanced power and clarity in all areas of life.

We will be learning from Chuang Tzu's delightful teachings in the form of stories or parables.

If you have been practicing Gigong, this will be a great way to enhance your practice 

and understanding. If not, we can all benefit greatly from Chuang Tzu's teachings anyway.


You will come to realize that your journey on the Tao is, in many ways, the most worthwhile exploration you can undertake. You will be able to see your life in a new light and observe everything around you with clarity as never before. 


Come, let us embark together



Please E-mail to register this course, thank you!