— Taoist Light Qigong Lineage Holder with 34 years of healing experience

                              Chiyan Wang  Qigong teacher & Fengshui consultant

                             Chiyan Wang

Qigong teacher & Fengshui consultant

Chiyan Wang (pronounced Chur-yen Wong) was born in Xi'an, China to a family of teachers and spiritual healers. Her mother is a teacher of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and her father is a Qigong and Tai Chi Master. Chiyan was guided in Buddhist meditation from the early age of nine, and began studying Taoist Light Qigong with a famous master, Zhou Shitai, at fourteen. By the age of eighteen, Chiyan was already giving healing to others.

Chiyan feels we all have the ultimate responsibilty and inner power over the state of our health, mentality, and well-being. She believes we can heal ourselves with the higher energy within us, and become aware of and tap into our true human potential. When we practice Qigong, we prevent illness, maintain optimal health, and raise our level of consciousness. 

Chiyan offers private sessions for physical and emotional healing by appointment, and conducts classes in Taoist Light Qigong (Level 1), Wen Wang Qigong (Level 2), Taoist Sitting Qigong (Stage II), Taoist Sitting Qigong (Stage III), Taoist Light Qigong Instructor/Healer Training, Medical Qigong, Eye-healing Qigong as well as spiritual counseling, Fengshui consultant and Tea Ceremony classes.


About Our healing work:

Actual cases that were completely healed from Taoist Light Wellness through private healing sessions and Qigong self-practice:

1.) chronic fatigue syndromes, 2.) cancer, 3.) leukemia, 4.) bipolar disorder, 5.) vertigo, 6.) depression, 7.) aches and pains, 8.) kidney stone, 9.) overwhelming sadness from loss, 10.) weight-loss, 11.) stress, 12.) insomnia, 13.) heart conditions, 14.) blood infections, 15.) breathing problems, 16.) skin conditions, 17.) sinus infections, 18.) hearing loss, 19.) carpal tunnel syndrome, 20.) arthritis, 21.) sex addiction, 21.) hemorrhoids, 23.) tennis elbow, 24.) surgeries and injuries, 25.) sciatic pain, etc.

Other conditions that improved greatly:

1.) HIV, 2.) rheumatoid arthritis, 3.) paralyses, 4.) multiple sclerosis, 5.) chemical sensitivities, 6.) loss of direction in life, 7.) other addictions, etc.

We are an alternative healing center; we do not intend to diagnose or treat any disease or illnesses. If you have an acute condition, please check with your doctor. We can help prepare the body and mind for medical procedures to ensure that they will go smoothly and successfully, and help the body to recover from a procedure faster with no/less complications.


Actual cases:

  1. A large estate near the Four Seasons/Biltimore (Santa Barbara) vacant for months was rented out on the same day after the Fengehsui consultation.
  2. A large, isolated house in the Mid-West was sold to a large, happy family.
  3. A local vacant apartment complex realized a 30% increase in rental rate through the pricing Fengshui.
  4. Home owners received a large settlement soon after Fengshui fix; plus a raise at work was received after twenty years for the same wage; one child received a large sum of award funding while another landed her dream job. They said: "We wish we knew this and had done this much sooner."
  5. "My relationship with my husband has been restored and renewed after we did Fengshui to our bedroom, and my daughter's mental/emotional state becomes sharp, stable and calm after years of struggle since we did Fengshui improvement to our back yard."-Client in Goleta
  6. Home owner improved relationship and doubled their salary after the Fengshui consultation. She said: "I can finally retire in three years; I never would had dreamed this could happen. Everything changed for the better after we worked together."
  7. Kids happily went into a room they had previously refused to enter after a Fensghui cleansing was performed.
  8. Husband stepped in and started to support the family after a lamp was installed at the male power location.
  9. "The problem neighbor stopped causing us trouble" right after the protection was installed.
  10. After we adjusted the position of a client's desk,  she found a publisher and mainly a second writer for her book-- everything was just falling into place; now her book is published!

By the way, none of the houses belonging to our Fenghui clients were damaged by the most devastating natural disasters of fire and flooding in Santa Barbara. Thanks to the house protectors and everyone's willingness to do Fengshui protection, the fire only burned to the property line and stopped right there.

Use Fensghui knowledge to improve your financial flow, well-being, and relationship harmony.


— History of Qigong

 Qigong instructional drawing - 2nd Century B.C.

Qigong instructional drawing - 2nd Century B.C.

Qigong was born in ancient China three thousand years ago. As people experimented with various methods of healing, a ritual dance that improved health and elevated spiritual awareness gradually evolved. By the 5th Century BCE. Qigong was included in most of the famous texts on Chinese medicine. Two centuries later, Chinese physicians compiled a collection of traditional cures from across the country, which became the classic Chinese medical text: On the Causes and Symptoms of Diseases. It describes Qigong methods for treating one hundred and ten illnesses of various kinds. Over the centuries, five hundred different forms of Qigong developed across China. Today, Qigong is still a developing healing method and practice, and is a vital force in the Chinese health care system. It is estimated that over 60 million Chinese practice Qigong regularly, and tens of thousands of Qigong healers are working in various clinics and hospitals across the country. Over forty Chinese Universities offer Qigong classes as part of the medical curriculum, and scientific research on Qigong practice is widespread. With present-day worldwide communication, the practice of Qigong has become popular in many parts of the world.

— History of Taoist Light Qigong

  Master Ren Farong with Chiyan

Master Ren Farong with Chiyan

Taoist Light Qigong is a movement meditation that cleanses, heals, integrates, and harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit. Taoism was founded by Lao Tzu, the most famous philosopher and poet of China as well as the author of the Tao Te Ching. Tao Te Ching means "The Classic of the Way and Virtue," which has been an inspirational source for artists, poets, calligraphers, painters, landscapers, educators, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, healers, meditators and spiritual seekers. Its influence has spread widely outside Asia, and is among the most translated spiritual text in world literature. Lao Tzu became enlightened in a cave at Lou Guan Tai Temple near Xi'an, China, where he also shared his teachings with his disciples and composed the Tao Te Ching before he vanished or retreated from the world. The current abbot of Lou Guan Tai Temple is Master Ren Farong, who is President of the Chinese Taoist Association since the year of 2005.

Taoist Light Qigong has been passed down from generations in Taoist temples, until Master Zhou Shitai brought it from the temple into the world. Both Chiyan's parents and Chiyan herself have studied from Master Zhou, and he had built multiple Taoist Light Healing retreat centers in Xi'an and other places in Western and Northern China. 


  Chiyan's father has led Qigong volunteer healing groups to go to poor, remote villages to heal people who had no access to medical treatment. Her mother managed the whole healing center.    Master Zhou Shitai (middle in the back row), Chiyan's father Weiye Wang (middle in front row), and Chiyan's mother Han Yuzhen (first from the left in the back row).

Chiyan's father has led Qigong volunteer healing groups to go to poor, remote villages to heal people who had no access to medical treatment. Her mother managed the whole healing center.

Master Zhou Shitai (middle in the back row), Chiyan's father Weiye Wang (middle in front row), and Chiyan's mother Han Yuzhen (first from the left in the back row).

  People waiting in line before 6 am to see a Taoist Light Qigong healer...

People waiting in line before 6 am to see a Taoist Light Qigong healer...

  Chiyan's father (on right, in white) teaching Taoist Light Qigong at the age of 77, California, USA (in 2009)

Chiyan's father (on right, in white) teaching Taoist Light Qigong at the age of 77, California, USA (in 2009)

- Benefits of Qigong Practice

There are three basic therapeutic principles behind the effectiveness of Qigong. Practicing this movement meditation (1) restores the connection of the body, mind, and spirit; (2) builds up energy in the body; and (3) removes energy blockages and cleanses the unwholesome Qi. There is a saying: "When there is energy blockages, there is pain; when there is no pain, there is no energy blockages." Qigong has been proven effective in healing many illnesses.

  Through Taoist Light Qigong, Gong Xia stands up again after being paralyzed due to severe injury.

Through Taoist Light Qigong, Gong Xia stands up again after being paralyzed due to severe injury.

Practicing Qigong regularly:

  • reduces pain, stress, and anxiety
  • detoxifies the body
  • strengthens the immune system
  • heals dysfunctional emotional energy
  • prevents disease and improves longevity
  • promotes a clear mind, improves memory
  • expands spiritual awareness 

Your whole life will be healthier, happier, and more peaceful as you practice Taoist Light Qigong. You will notice you think more clearly and make better decisions. You will also feel more connected with Your True Self and the powerful energy available in the Universe.

Disclaimer:  Taoist Light Qigong practice is a self - healing exercise and it is not intended to diagnosis, treat or cure any illnesses or diseases.


—Taoist Light Qigong Q&A

Question: Can I just learn Qigong from a book or video tape instead of a teacher?

Answer:  It is very important for one to study Qigong from a certified teacher. A student without a teacher can easily make a mistake by practicing Qigong on their own without proper instruction. An authentic Qigong form with pure lineage is a very powerful, so a student practicing incorrectly can possibly cause more harm than benefit. There is a principle in the Qigong field: "It is better not to practice Qigong than practice incorrectly." 

Question: How do I know which type of Qigong is suitable for me?

Answer: Taoist Light Qigong is for people who can stand at least 3 minutes and are over 13 years old. If a person cannot stand, we can teach this person a different type of Qigong. Taoist Light Qigong works well with people who are ready and open-minded.

Question: Is it okay to start with just one class?

Answer:  No, because all three classes are important and consecutive, as each class will work on different aspects. A detailed instructional booklet will be handed out to the participants at the third/last class, during the first two classes people need to practice from within rather than trying to follow a book.

Question: If I cannot make all three classes what can I do?

Answer: If you will miss one class, you may have a private class to make it up and join the rest of the group classes. If you miss the third class, you can also wait to join the third class of the next group workshop for free.

Question: Upon completion of the Taoist Light Qigong Level 1,  do you provide a certificate?  Also, I have enrolled in a Qigong class before, will I learn anything new here?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry and interest in the upcoming Taoist Light Qigong workshop. I can assure you that you are going to learn something completely new. So far there are only two people who teach this style in America. Yes, there are lots of Qigong styles, yet it is important to find one which has a long and pure lineage with a practice suitable for your own needs.  As for this style of Qigong, people will all have different movements coming out from within, since people's needs are different; and then it will progress naturally. It is actually a very advanced form from the beginning, so it might not be for everyone. But so far, people who have committed to the classes really appreciate its style and make great progress quickly, including people who have done other types of Qigong for twenty years. Of course only individuals can decide what is the best for themselves by giving a try and diving into the practice.

There is no certificate for Level 1 workshop, because it is not about learning how to do it, it is about how much a student can do it correctly and efficiently, in order to obtain the benefits and reach a higher and balanced level physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

 A certificate will be provided to students who complete the healer/instructor training course. Those practitioners will spend longer time on the practice to strengthen and purify their own Qi  as well as to understand and read Qi for others.